Emmanuelle Beart — French Actress born on August 14, 1965,

Emmanuelle Béart is a French film actress, who has appeared in over 60 film and television productions since 1972. An eight-time César Award nominee, she won the César Award for Best Supporting Actress for the 1986 film Manon des Sources. Her other film roles include La Belle Noiseuse, A Heart in Winter, Nelly and Mr. Arnaud, Mission: Impossible and 8 Women... (wikipedia)

We've all had that fear, that despair of losing someone, or this fierce desire because it's not reciprocated. The less reciprocation there is, the more desire we have.
I dream about singing. I would love to sing and write.
I am a voyager - and the voyage cannot mean that I stay at home.
I stay in France. Better to be the queen of a village than a servant in a kingdom.
I'm trying my best to keep my private life guarded. It's not easy at all. Non, non, non.

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