This installment of Chan's Police Story series has our hero trying to locate a missing nuclear warhead.

Chan Ka Kui: [phone call] Uncle Bill! I'm calling you right now from Australia and I'm having a great time! I'm talking to you while enjoying my great view. Wow! Working for the FSB is great. I have a sauna, swimming pool, and jacuzzi. Oh, wait a second. My koala bear just came out.
Uncle Bill: [on the other end of the call] What? You mean in your hotel room? It's only a toy, right?
Chan Ka Kui: No. It's the real thing!
[hands the phone to the koala bear]
Chan Ka Kui: Say hi to Uncle Bill.
[takes the phone back]
Chan Ka Kui: He's too shy. Don't hang up.
Hong Kong Policeman: [to Bill] He's living it up. I should've gone with him.
Chan Ka Kui: Really. I'm not making this up! What else? Money... clothes... car. I feel almost like James Bond. Except no gorgeous girls.
Uncle Bill: Hey. If all of this is for real, you should be very careful.
Chan Ka Kui: Okay. So long. Bye bye.
[hangs up]
Uncle Bill: [to the policeman] Do you think he went crazy on this assignment? Maybe he's overworked.
[last lines]
Uncle Bill: When you get back, write a report which is detailed and simple, starting from the beginning.
Jackie: Huh?
Col. Gregor Yegorov: You even share the same coffin as your father.
Jackson Tsui: The coffin is for you. You killed my father!
Col. Gregor Yegorov: He had to die somehow. At least it was for a reason.

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