A woman is convinced her kidnapper has returned when her sister goes missing.

Custodian: What if you don't show up?
Jill: It means I'm dead.
Jill: What's a few meds between sisters?
Powers: She stuck with her story. And now everytime a girl goes missing, she thinks it's her guy and she's in here breaking my balls.
Peter Hood: She can always move in with me. I like 'em a little crazy.
[first lines]
Jill: Are you going to say hi?
Molly: Maybe tomorrow after my final. Right now I've got to become an expert on marginal productivity theory.
Jill: I'd ask you what that is, but then I'm afraid you'd tell me.
Jill: He never existed. It was all in my head.
Custodian: Wow, I always figured if I met a girl as pretty as you, money would change hands. I just thought it would be in the other direction.
Lt. Ray Bozeman: Mrs. Conway! Adults have the right to disappear.

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