A family man begins to question the ethics of his job as a drone pilot.

Jack Johns: Don't ask me if this is a just war. It's just war.
Vera Suarez: Was that a war crime, sir?
Jack Johns: Shut the fuck up, Suarez!
Tom Egan: Another one of my jobs is damage assessment. Which is our way of saying counting the dead. Which is not as easy as it sounds. Beacause a lot of times the bodies are in so small pieces.
Jack Johns: Drones aren't going anywhere. In fact, they're going everywhere.
Molly Egan: You look miles away.
Tom Egan: 7000. You want to know about my job?
Molly Egan: Yeah.
Tom Egan: Well, yesterday, I was flying over a house in South Waziristan. Well, it was night when I statrted flying over their house, but they couldn't see me. Even if it was day. It was a house of a Taliban commander. He wasn't home. Inside, his wife and family were sleeping. When he did come back around dawn, the family was still inside but I wasn't sure when I'd get this chance again so I blew the house up anyway. And I watched as the neighbors started pulling the bodies out. Another one of my jobs is damage assessment... which is our way of saying counting the dead. Which is not as easy as it sounds because a lot of times the bodies are in such small pieces. But this time I knew for sure it was 7. I watched all morning as these locals cleaned up the mess; got ready for the funeral. They like to bury their dead within 24 hours, which is a happy coincidence for me, because that's how long I can stay in the air. I watched them carry the bodies up the hill to the grave site. I had information that the Taliban commander's brother would attend the funeral. So I waited until they were all there, saying their prayers... and then I blew them up too. That's my job.
Molly Egan: You think I am having an affair? No I thought about it. I don't think you would be cheating. In order to cheat someone you ought to be in a relationship... and I don't know any more if we are in one.

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