Gordon W. Allport — American Psychologist born on November 11, 1897, died on October 09, 1967

Gordon Willard Allport was an American psychologist. Allport was one of the first psychologists to focus on the study of the personality, and is often referred to as one of the founding figures of personality psychology. He contributed to the formation of Values Scales and rejected both a psychoanalytic approach to personality, which he thought often went too deep, and a behavioral approach, which he thought often did not go deep enough. He emphasized the uniqueness of each individual, and the importance of the present context, as opposed to past history, for understanding the personality... (wikipedia)

So many tangles in life are ultimately hopeless that we have no appropriate sword other than laughter.
The outlines of the needed psychology of becoming can be discovered by looking within ourselves; for it is knowledge of our own uniqueness that supplies the first, and probably the best, hints for acquiring orderly knowledge of others.
Self-love, it is obvious, remains always positive and active in our natures.
A prejudice, unlike a simple misconception, is actively resistant to all evidence that would unseat it.
No corner of the world is free from group scorn.

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