A repressed female psychiatrist wakes up as a patient in the asylum where she worked, with no memory of why she is there or what she has done.

Miranda: I'm not deluded, Pete, I'm possessed.
Pete: I don't believe in ghosts.
Miranda: Neither do I, but they believe in me.
Miranda: Did we have an affair?
Pete: No.
Miranda: Did you want to?
Pete: Yes.
Miranda: Did you think I wanted to?
Pete: Yes.
Miranda: Then why didn't we?
Pete: Because you were married to the boss.
Miranda: But I'm not now.
Pete: I'm here - I'm trying to help you. Why don't you trust me?
Miranda: Because you can't trust somebody when they think you're crazy.
Miranda: I need you to tell me who did this to you? Tell me his name, Chloe. Chloe, tell me. Tell me anything. Tell me.
Chloe: I'll tell you one thing: He can have my body, but he will never have my soul. Never. The devil.
Chloe: You're one of us now.
Irene: Come on, honey, time to wash away your sins.
Sheriff Ryan: Well you're right. I do fit the profile. Long-time friend of Doug's, access to the prison. I never did get a kick out of torturing animals, though.
Miranda: All I know is I saw this girl, and she's connected to me. How? I don't know how she's connected to me. But she is.
Pete: Delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, frequent derailment and incoherence...
Miranda: Don't rattle off this psychiatric shit to me! I know that like the back of my hand!
Pete: Good! Good. Saves me the trouble.
Chloe: He said you're next.
[first lines]
Chloe: He came back again last night and tore me like paper. He opened me like a flower of pain, and it felt good. He sank into me and set me on fire, like he always does. Made me burn from the inside out.
Miranda: How did you know it was the devil?
Pete: You said no shock treatment.
Sheriff Ryan: Shock treatment? You want to see some shock treatment? Here's some shock treatment.
[gets some photos of Doug's mutilated body]
Pete: Stop it!
Teddy Howard: What are you doing?
Pete: Why would you take these out? Miranda, don't look at them! Don't look at them!
Sheriff Ryan: I had to pick him up off the floor, Miranda. In pieces!
Chloe: It was the only way to help him stop.
Miranda: Stop what?
Chloe: Stop fucking me!
[to himself into the camera]
Dr. Douglas Grey: It's good to be God. I love you.
Chloe: Are you scared?
Miranda: ...No.
Chloe: You should be.
Miranda: [to the girl on the bridge] Are you okay? Are you okay? Hey! Oh, my God. Okay. Okay. Okay. I'm a Doctor. I'm a Doctor. I'm gonna take you to the hospital. I'm a Doctor, honey. I'm gonna help you, okay? You're gonna be okay. I'm gonna help you, okay?
Phil Parsons: Miranda, I... I... I wouldn't look for a real-world explanation. It's a dream, a delusion.
Miranda: A delusion that we both seem to share.
Pete: You're in crisis. Don't you see how this image is tailor-made for your state of mind. A woman in purgatory. I need you to explain this to me though.
Miranda: Rachel Parsons did not commit suicide.
Miranda: I am a rational person. I believe in science. I don't believe in the paranormal, and I don't believe in ghosts. But if you are the ghost of Rachel Parsons, then you would let me out of this cell.
Miranda: [picking up a picture of Rachel Parsons] Who is this? Who is this girl?
Phil Parsons: That's my daughter, Rachel.
Miranda: No, no, no. This is the girl that I saw at the bridge. This is the girl.
Phil Parsons: No, Miranda, no.
Miranda: How is she? Where is she?
Phil Parsons: It's impossible.
Miranda: This is the girl I've been seeing. This girl, right here.
Phil Parsons: She's dead. Rachel died four years ago.
Chloe: You are not a Doctor in here. And even if you the tell the truth... no one will listen. You know why? Because you're crazy. And the more you try to prove them wrong, the crazier you'll appear. You are invisible now. Can you feel it?
Dr. Douglas Grey: [handing a Miranda a glass of water] Throw it on the mirror. This is what she sees now.
Miranda: A distorted image of herself.
Dr. Douglas Grey: Who are you in all this?
Miranda: I'm the mirror.
Dr. Douglas Grey: You are the mirror.
Miranda: If I'm the mirror and she's the image... then who are you?
Dr. Douglas Grey: I can see both of you... so I'm God. Or just an overworked hospital beaurocrat.
Miranda: "God" is good.
Dr. Douglas Grey: Always remember, the ability to repress... is actually a vital survival tool. Without it... Chloe might not have survived.
Chloe: You have no idea how it feels not to be trusted.
Miranda: You've got to trust me too, Chloe
Chloe: You can't trust someone who thinks you're crazy.
Pete: This is the first time I've seen you lucid.
Pete: Miranda, what's the last thing you remember?
Miranda: I remember Chloe. I was having my Friday night session with Chloe.
Pete: How did that go?
Miranda: She was embellishing her rape story. I saw Doug.
Dr. Douglas Grey: [in flashback] Dr. Graham.
Miranda: You were there. When I went back to my office, I worked on Chloe's file. I decided to call it quits, I went down to the pool, had a swim, fifty-five laps, saw Joe, got my keys. Went to my car. You walked me to it.
Pete: Yes?
Miranda: But there... There was a detour.
Sheriff Ryan: [in flashback] Oh, hey, tell Doug to give me a call...
Miranda: So I had to go over the bridge, so I went over the bridge.
Pete: I wonder what else happened. Try to remember.
Miranda: I got home. I saw Doug. He was on the couch.
Pete: Try to remember.
Miranda: There was a girl. Yeah, there was a girl.
Pete: Miranda... Doug is dead. You killed him.
Miranda: [screaming] No! No! No!
[last lines]
Miranda: No!
Miranda: Logic is overrated.
[repeated line]
Miranda: I'm dreaming.
Miranda: I want to talk to my husband. Where is he? Where is he?
Pete: All that education, but you can't remember an umbrella?
Teddy Howard: [Miranda's arm is bleeding] Miranda, what's that?
Irene: It's okay. It's okay, Miranda.
Miranda: Why are you doing this to me?
Pete: Miranda, let's just go, okay? We're done.
Miranda: Why are you doing this to me?
Miranda: How long have I been in here?
Pete: Three days.
Miranda: Why? Why?
Miranda: Yeah, as a doctor, I understand why you think that. But something is really happening to me.
Miranda: What do you want from me?
Miranda: [only from the original second draft of the script] I remind you of your mother?
Chloe: Always so put together. Like you iron your underwear. Like your pussy is the apricot of the Promised Land and the bread of the...
Miranda: Help me! Somebody! Dr. Graham! You better tell me why I'm in here, Irene!

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