Aliens and their Guardians are hiding on Earth from intergalactic bounty hunters. They can only be killed in numerical order, and Number Four is next on the list. This is his story.

John: Six, Sam is coming with us.
Number 6: What? No way!
John: He's one of us now. We need to find his father.
[there is a slight pause]
Number 6: [to Sam] You slow us down, I'll shoot you myself.
Sam: And I believe you. Can we go now?
Number 6: Red Bull's for pussies.
John: [Reaching for book] What's this?
Sarah: Umm... That is kind of private, actually.
John: It's amazing!
Sarah: Ok, that's enough.
John: [Flipping through book] What, you're allowed to look at everyone else-take our pictures- and we're not allowed see you?
John: Seems like you want to run away.
Sarah: Just be happy when I can get out of here.
John: I don't know - been to a lot of places...
Sarah: You don't have to give me that "there's no place like home" speech, I've heard it.
John: No, No - You can go wherever you want. See whatever you want to but, um... a place is only as good as the people you know in it. I... I think this is a pretty good place.
[John and Sam try to figure out what to do with the two pieces of the stone. Six rolls her eyes and walks over to them]
Number 6: All right, give me that, come on.
[she takes the stone piece Sam had in his hands]
Number 6: Thank you...
[as John and Six link the stone pieces together, it becomes one, and soon it begins to glow blue. After a long time of doing that, the stone turns to ashes, with nothing big seemingly happening]
Sam: Ah, well, that was disappointing...
Sam: [after Sarah watches him kill a Mogadorian in cold blood] I play a lot of Xbox.
Henri: [quizzing John on their cover story] What's your name?
John: John Smith.
Henri: Where are you from?
John: Toronto.
Henri: Seem kinda tan for Toronto.
John: Santa Fe, New Mexico. I know the drill, okay?
Henri: [holding a cell phone] Keep this on you, I'll call you every hour. You don't pick up, I'll know something's wrong.
John: Every *hour*?
Henri: That, or you can homeschool, and I'll be your teacher.
Sam: Raided lost and found.
[tosses him a gaudy sweater]
Sam: Nobody loses anything cool.
John: You gotta be kidding me.
Sam: Dude, it was that or the Hannah Montana sweatshirt. You got off easy.
John: You have no idea of what I'm capable of.
Sam: I'm Sam. What's your name?
Number 6: Jane Doe.
Sam: That's cool. It's cool. So, are you a number, too?
Number 6: [to John] Who is this tool?
Number 6: [after John stabs the Mog that killed Henri] You're good with your hands.
Henri: We don't love like the humans. With us it's forever. You will never forget.
John: Fireproof?
Number 6: Told you to stay tuned.
John: [trying to convince Henri to allow him to keep a dog] Come on! Another pair of eyes and ears watching the house? I'm going to need somebody to talk to.
Henri: Talk to me... yeah, keep the dog.
Frank: [Mogadorians enter] OK so i called you like you said. I mean it's not my fault they got. I mean we held up our end. We're still in? The whole new world order thing?
Mogadorian Commander: [laughing] The Locator. Where is it?
Frank: Ok, all he had was a knife and that rock and i put it
[points, realizes that it's not there]
Frank: It was over there man
Mogadorian Commander: It was over there man. But it's not there now
Mogadorian: [In Mogadorian] I picked up a scent
Mogadorian Commander: [Inhales, In Mogadorian] Number Four is very close.
[In English, laughing, pulls up stool closer to Frank and Bret with Comic Book in hand]
Mogadorian Commander: Cartoons for Children. Where I'm from men have to work
Frank: Look, I'll work hard
Mogadorian Commander: The disregard that so many of you have for practical matters it's beautiful
Mogadorian Commander: I think we should have some fun Huh? Gadgets we call them "toys for boys" I have a gadget
[Holds up small round ball, presses on it, spikes come up and spin rapidly]
Mogadorian Commander: Would you like to play with it?
Frank: Uh no, no I
[Starts to rise]
Mogadorian Commander: [Mog holds him down and forces Frank's mouth open] IT WANTS TO PLAY WITH YOU
[Drops ball in Frank's mouth. Frank Groans]
[Looking up at constellations]
Teen At Party: I love it out here. The Big Dipper. It's my favorite. Do you know that one?
John: No. I got a D in Astronomy.
[after Mark James has introduced himself to John, and hassled Sam. John hands Sam his skateboard, which has skidded across the floor]
Sam: Thanks. Gotta love the classics: Homecoming king versus the science nerd. Just get better with time, don't they?
John: Listen, Mark is...
Sam: Soon to be irrelevant. He's in the third year of the best four years of his life.
[opens John's locker for him, which John has been struggling to do, then walks away]
[after throwing Mark to the ground]
John: I hope you can throw with your left arm.
Mogadorian Commander: [grabs John] I think you have something I need. Oh, thank you for making this so nice and easy. Think of how quickly we'll finish off the rest of the planet. It's fantastic! Soon, I'll be done with all of you.
[unsheathes knife]
Mogadorian Commander: Just relax. You can't stop what's coming. You never could.
John: This is the part I hate the most. The running.
John: My hands light up like road flares, and you call that a gift?
[first lines]
Drew: [to Daniel] You know, showboating like that just make you look desperate.
Kern: Yeah, "Look at me. I can flip my ski."
Kern: Pathetic.
Sheriff James: Who they hell are they?
Mark James: Big-ass linebackers?
Sam: I came here to help you.
John: You have. Now go home.
[last lines]
John: My planet is called Lorien, but Earth is my home now. It's as good a place as any in the universe. At that's how it's going to stay.
Sam: [to John] Did you see what just flew out of that truck? And your dog just shape-shifted into one of them. I thought he was gonna eat me.
Mogadorian Commander: An alcohol-fueled young guy like you, healthy and well-fed.
[hits his stomach]
Mogadorian Commander: I bet you watch a lot of television, don't you? Do you? Do you?
Mark James: [whimpering] Yeah.
Mogadorian Commander: Yeah. In this situation here, you're probably thinking, "Maybe I could save the day. Maybe I could be the hero." But I say... don't do that.
[to a whisper]
Mogadorian Commander: Okay?
John: Knock yourself out.
Sam: My entire childhood has been an episode of X-files. You know what it's like to feel something so strong, and everyday you keep telling yourself your Dad's gonna come back and take you away from this shithole? And that everything that we believed in was true, and that we're not crazy. Please.

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