When Katie innocently accepts an offer to have new photos taken for her portfolio, the experience quickly turns into a nightmare of rape, torture and kidnapping. Now, she will have to find the strength to exact her brutal revenge.

Katie: [to Georgy] No one can hear you down here! Scream all you want. It ain't gonna work. Trust me... I tried!
Father Dimov: [catching Katie in his kitchen]
[in Bulgarian]
Father Dimov: Little mouse!
Father Dimov: [Katie stares] Little mouse, come and eat!
Katie: [coldly] Stay away from me.
Father Dimov: [in English] Oh, you're an American!
Katie: Don't come near me...
Father Dimov: [throws up his hands] You have no need to fear!
Katie: Your English is good...
Father Dimov: [laughs] I studied philosophy in London. Your English is much better!
[as Katie approaches]
Father Dimov: So you're an American girl scattering away. Why?
Katie: They used to use shock therapy to help the mentally ill. Since you are so SICK, you, Valko, need a great deal of THERAPY!
[she electrocutes him and he screams in pain]
Father Dimov: [as he finds Katie back in his church, staring at the alter] Little mouse...
Father Dimov: I'm pleased to find you here.
Katie: [she turns around] Don't come any closer...
Father Dimov: Somebody did very bad things to you, I know...
Father Dimov: I can call the police...
Katie: [quietly] Don't.
[she calmly starts to walk away]
Father Dimov: You can't run from this forever...
Katie: [Katie stops and turns to face him] I'm not running...
Valko: Please! I beg of you! NO MORE!
Katie: No more? I haven't even gotten started.
Katie: [whimpering and crying as she lays down bloodied and beaten on the ground; Ivan laughs] You're a sick fuck.
Ivan: No. Georgy is a sick fuck. Anna is crazy sick fuck. Nicolay is just sick. Me?
Ivan: I'm just a fuck!
[Ivan smirks]
Georgy: [dropping Katie's crucifix charm in her box] Good-bye, Miss Katie!
Katie: [to Georgy] Don't worry, I'm gonna take good care of you!
Katie: [as she removes the box cover to talk to Ana] You're the sickest of them all! How many more of us did you sell to animals like Valko? How many more like me?
Katie: HOW MANY?
Katie: [while conducting a rat trap] I know how to catch me some vermin!
Katie: [screams to Ivan as she brutally tortures him] YOU THINK *THAT* HURTS? YOU JUST *WAIT*!
Katie: [screams in agony after realizing that she was lured back to the basement she was tortured in] NO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O!
Katie: Water...
Nicolay: [to Georgy] She speaks, man.
Katie: [cries out] I'm thirsty, please! I'm thirsty...
Nicolay: [Georgy walks out of the room to get water. Nikki unzips his pants and urinates on Katie; she rolls back and screams] Drink up, baby! It's refreshing, isn't it?
[he laughs]
Nicolay: [Georgy attacks Nicolay and they fight]
Ivan: [Ivan walks in] STOP IT! The both of you...
Georgy: [to Ivan] He was pissing on her!
Ivan: Is that so?
Nicolay: Hey, what's the difference?
[points to Katie]
Nicolay: She's a piece of trash!
[Katie looks up at him and cries]
Valko: Pain wakes the body... makes everything feel very good!
Nicolay: [examining Katie] You still in the K-Hole, darling? Do you know your name?
[he taps her face]
Nicolay: It's just a dream, see? One bad fucking dream!
[Katie whimpers]
Ana: [screaming from the box] Please let me out!
Katie: [glances at Ivan] Your mothers' calling.
Ana: Somebody please let me out! LET ME OUT!
Ivan: Shut up, Anna. Anna, shut up!
Katie: Now Ivan, you shouldn't talk to your mother that way!
[Ivan chuckles, Katie leans in]
Katie: What's so funny?
Ivan: She's not my mother. Father didn't stop raping her until after Nikky was born. I told you that she was the sick fuck.
Katie: [to Valko as she tasers him] Is the pain waking your body up yet?
Katie: [as she grabs Nikki head and repeatedly dunks it into a urine filled toilet bowel] ARE YOU THIRSTY? TAKE A BIG DRINK!
Ivan: [to Katie as he chains her back up to the pole] No more running for you...
[he grabs her nipple breast and squeezes; she cries in pain]
Ivan: You think this hurts, yeah? You just wait!
Detective Kiril: I must talk to her. The American.
Father Dimov: What is her name?
Detective Kiril: Katie. Her name is Katie.
Father Dimov: And do you know her?
Detective Kiril: She came to me for help.
Father Dimov: And did you help her?
Detective Kiril: I thought I did. Now, I don't know
Katie: [to Georgy as he chained up to a wall and stripped down to his briefs] I could castrate you.
[Georgy whimpers]
Katie: Or... I could slit your throat! But you are a sick and diseased bag of flesh... and that is how you deserve to die; rotting... like you left me.
Katie: [to Ivan while she tortures him and he screams] You should see yourself...
[she smirks]
Katie: Not so proud now, Ivan!
Bar Patron: [as he walks in and sees the dead Nicolay by the toilet after Katie killed him]
[in Bulgarian]
Bar Patron: Pathetic drunk asshole!
[his girlfriend runs up and sees the dead body; she screams loudly]
Katie: [to Anna as she wakes and finds herself tied up] My dear girl. Believe me, I know what you're going through!
Katie: [to Georgy as he's caught taking pictures in her bedroom] In three seconds, I'm going to scream so loud!
Katie: Still in the K-Hole, darling? You don't even know what's happening, do you?
Nicolay: [stutters] We killed you...
Katie: Yeah.
Katie: You see, this is all a DREAM!

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