A writer who is brutalized during her cabin retreat seeks revenge on her attackers, who left her for dead.

Jennifer: [praying] Forgive me, Father...
Jennifer: For I will sin.
Andy: Please!
Jennifer: "Please" is what I said to you!
Storch: [crying] She's just an innocent girl!
Jennifer: So was I.
Storch: [screams in pain] GOD, NO! Please!
Jennifer: Does that hurt, Sheriff? Well c'mon, I thought you were "an ass man"!
Andy: [screams] FUCK YOU!
Jennifer: You already did that. I didn't enjoy it much...
Jennifer: Now it's my turn to fuck you!
Matthew: [cries] I need to tell you...
Jennifer: Shh! I know, Matthew...
Jennifer: I know this wasn't your fault. You tried to help me...
Matthew: I did! I really really did! And... and... and you're okay...
Matthew: You're... you're okay!
Jennifer: Yes, Matthew. Now come. Come on! It's okay. It's okay...
Matthew: [crying] I'm so sorry!
Jennifer: Shhhh! Come on...
Matthew: [sobs] I'M SO SORRY! OH, GOD!
[settles down a bit]
Matthew: l'm so sorry!
Jennifer: Matthew...
Jennifer: Matthew!
Matthew: Yeah?
Jennifer: Matthew, look at me!
Matthew: Yeah...
Jennifer: Tell me again how sorry you are.
Matthew: I'm... I'm...
[cries out]
Matthew: I'M SORRY!
Jennifer: [pause]
[she suddenly wraps a rope around Matthew's neck and chokes him]
[Matthew gags and chokes as Jennifer pulls him away]
Jennifer: [while Storch has been kidnapped and tied up by Jennifer; his own gun is strapped to his butt] By her, I assume you mean your daughter?
Jennifer: She really is lovely, Sheriff! So young... so sweet... so innocent!
Jennifer: I mean, can you imagine?
Storch: [grunting] Imagine what?
Jennifer: [Jennifer grabs Storch's gun and jams the nozzle repeatedly into his anus] Imagine that somebody had done something like *THIS* to her? Someone like Andy? Or Stanley? Or Johnny?
[Jennifer screams while she keeps assaulting the sheriff with the gun]
Johnny: [attacking Stanley after finding out that he kept the tape] YOU'RE TOO DUMB TO KNOW HOW DUMB YOU ARE! YOU KNOW THAT?
Jennifer: [to Johnny] Your mouth doesn't look so good...
Jennifer: Maybe you should show me your teeth.
Johnny: [while being chained and gagged up by Jennifer] I don't take orders from no fucking woman!
Jennifer: [showing Johnny a large pair of gardening pliers] You know what they do to horses that can't be tamed, Johnny? They geld them.
Johnny: Let me tell you something, Sweetheart...
Johnny: There ain't no man in his right mind that leaves a pretty little thing like you out here all alone!
Storch: [after Jennifer disappears in the lake] LISTEN UP!
[the boys listen]
Storch: Creek ends about six miles downstream in Watson. Between here and there, we're gonna find her. We split up. We check the banks, in the timber, under rocks. Hell, you see a hole big enough for her, I want you in there...
Storch: And do not stop till y'all find me a dead city whore!
Andy: [after raping Jennifer] Whoo! That bitch was tight.
Jennifer: [to Stanley while he's duct-taped to a tree] You know, ya gotta eat a lot of nasty shit out here to stay alive...
[Jennifer retrieves a bag and grabs a dead rat; she holds it up in front of Stanley]
Jennifer: Are you hungry? You hungry? Huh?
[she shoves the dead rodent into his mouth; he gags and pukes it out]
Jennifer: [to Stanley as she turns his own camcorder on him] Smile real pretty for the camera, boy!
Jennifer: l know you like to watch, don't you? Don't you, you sick fuck? Don't worry, l'll give you quite a show!
Johnny: I had her creaming in her panties.
Andy: And she had you shitting in yours.
Jennifer: [as the men continue to harass and abuse her] Just tell me what you want!
[she sobs]
Jennifer: [cries out] Can you all just PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE?
Storch: I'm gonna cut his retard pecker off and use it as a goddamn hood ornament.
Stanley: [walks through the middle of the woods and spots Jennifer; she's alive] You little bitch!
[he walks towards her, getting his foot caught in a bear trap she set up to lure him to; he screams]
Stanley: OHHH- AHHH!
Johnny: [approaches Jennifer] So you know you're running a little hot...
Johnny: Maybe l should check up under your hood for you.
Jennifer: [Jennifer cracks up laughing] How's that line working for ya?
Johnny: [smiles] Oh, I don't know. How's that line workin' for you?
Storch: [to Stanley] You screwed up, Fat Boy!
Andy: [repeats] FUCK YOU!
Jennifer: Now is *that* any way to speak to a lady?
[grabs Andy's heads and dunks it repeatedly in the tub full of water]
Storch: Don't worry, Sweetheart!
[Storch spits on his hand and rubs it on Jennifer's butt]
Storch: I'm an ass man!
Storch: HRNGG!
[Jennifer grunts painfully]
Stanley: [shows Johnny his camcorder] I got Matthew's girlfriend here in a very private moment...
Andy: [snickers] Girlfriend? Matthew ain't had a girlfriend since he was sucking on his momma's titties!
Jennifer: Sorry, Sheriff. It was fun while it lasted!
Stanley: It's gone. It's fucking gone!
Andy: Jesus, Stanley, calm the fuck down! What's got your nuts in a sling?
Stanley: My camera, it's gone. Someone stole it!
Andy: Maybe you accidentally ate it!
Stanley: FUCK OFF, MAN! This is serious!
Stanley: It had the tape in it.
Johnny: What are you talking about?
Stanley: The tape... the fucking tape!
Johnny: The tape Storch smashed to bits? That tape?
Stanley: Oh, man, Storch didn't smash shit. l replaced it with a new one. The Sheriff stomped on the one that had nothing on it!
Matthew: [checking her water] All fixed!
Jennifer: Oh, thank you!
[Jennifer runs up to Matthew and gives him a friendly kiss on his cheek; he steps back and stammers]
Jennifer: Sorry, you saved me from having to bathe in the lake!
Matthew: I, uh - excuse me...
[Matthews grabs his plunging tools and quickly runs out of Jennifer's cabin]
Stanley: [while burning Jennifer's clothes and possessions] Well, that's all of it, right down to her little titty sling.
Stanley: Man, this fire's making me hungry.
Johnny: Well, there's a headline! We gotta finish this shit. We gotta get that car in the garage. Then you can stuff your face 'till you puke!
[first lines]
Jennifer: Hello?
Jennifer: Hello?
Earl: I'm comin'!
[approaches from the back of the room]
Earl: I'm comin'!
Jennifer: [smiles] Hi! I'm Jennifer Hills. We spoke last week.
Earl: Oh, yeah. Miss Hills; Mockingbird Trail, right?
Jennifer: [smiles] That is right!
Earl: [grabs her cabin keys] I don't 'suppose you know how to get out there.
Jennifer: No, I don't...
Earl: Well, listen up.
[shows her a map]
Earl: It's a bit tricky...
Storch: [about Matthew supposedly playing games with him and the other men] You dipshits bring him to me. l'm gonna cut his retard pecker off and use it as a goddamn hood ornament...
[turns to Stanley]
Storch: That's before I'm done shoving it up *your* dirt hole!
Jennifer: [frantic] Get out of here!
Johnny: What's the matter?
Johnny: You too good to have a drink with us?
Jennifer: Please, I just don't want to have a drink!
Johnny: [Johnny grabs Jennifer's liquor bottle and slams it on her table] What is this SHIT right here?
[Jennifer starts to cry]
Johnny: Well shit, boys! You were right! She's too good to have a drink with us!
[to Jennifer]
Johnny: What are we to you; a bunch of dirt?
Jennifer: [sobs] I didn't say that!
Storch: Ma'am, is this your marijuana cigarette?
Jennifer: Um, no...
Jennifer: One of the boys must have left it.
Storch: You mean to tell me one of them guys is wearing lipstick? This ain't the big city!
Jennifer: Please, l may have smoked a joint... but that doesn't mean that l made any of this up!
Storch: [makes a call on his radio] This is Storch. l'm at Mockingbird cabin. Gonna need some backup...
Jennifer: [confused] Backup? What could you possibly need backup for? l'm the victim!
Storch: Ma'am! You've been drinking, smoking marijuana cigarettes. You got enough booze in here to put the whole town three sheets to the wind. You're running around in your sleeping garments at the crack of dawn. You gotta see this from my point of view!
Jennifer: [astonished] What? They came in here and they assaulted me! YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE ME!
Storch: Ma'am, l'm just trying to get to the bottom of this. You're making serious accusations about boys I've known since they was kids. And you haven't been altogether truthful now, have you?
Storch: Now please, step up against the wall. Shoulder width apart.
[Jennifer is shocked]
Storch: Ma'am, please! Look right ahead. Now... I want the whole story. You tell me the whole thing. You start by telling me what those boys did.
Storch: Tell the sheriff the truth... Show Horse.
[another pause]
Storch: Better yet, why don't you show him?
[Johnny enters]
Storch: Show him how that pretty little mouth of yours couldn't get enough as far as I recall!
[Storch feels Jennifer up]
Storch: They do this? Nice little tits!
[Jennifer sobs and groans]
Storch: I asked you a question.
Jennifer: [cries] Please!
Johnny: You show the sheriff your teeth there, Show Horse!
Johnny: [while gagged by Jennifer]
Johnny: F-Fuck you...
Johnny: Fuck y-you!
Jennifer: [calmly] Ornery Stallion, I guess I'm gonna have to tame you.
Storch: [to Stanley] EAT THAT TAPE, FAT BOY!
Jennifer: [revealing herself to Johnny] It's date night.
Johnny: You don't think l can have that anytime l want to?
Johnny: Hmm?
[another pause]
Johnny: Let me tell you something: Bitch like that... she come out here for one reason and one reason only; titties flopping in the window like that for everyone to see. Come on, you know...
Matthew: [stutters] No... no! She's not like that, Johnny...
Johnny: They're all like that! Big city, cock-teasing whore is all she is!
Johnny: Fuckin' A. Shit, Matthew!
Johnny: You wouldn't know what to do with a piece of ass like that if you got it. But you're lucky 'cause I'm your friend.
Johnny: I'll show you the way.
Johnny: Matthew here says that you didn't pay him for fixing your sink!
Jennifer: That's not true; he ran out!
Jennifer: I'll take care of it.
[Jennifer retrieves her purse to get money; all of the men chuckle at her]
Storch: [after hitting Jennifer] You oughta tame that little mare of yours!
Johnny: [grabs Jennifer] Matthew, get your clothes off, boy. We're gonna get your cherry popped!
[Matthew shakes his head]
Johnny: Matthew, I ain't asking you a question!
[Matthew fondles with the rubber bands on his wrist]
Stanley: [holds his camcorder on Matthew, egging him on] You wanna talk the talk, you better walk the walk!
Matthew: [stutters] I'm walking!
Stanley: Virgin...
Stanley: [Stanley runs outside where Johnny and Andy are sitting in front of Johnny's trailer] IT'S GONE!
Johnny: [to Andy, referring to Stanley running] Look at that. Looks like somebody spooked the cattle!
[both chuckle]
Johnny: [as he unzips his jeans and looks down at Jennifer lying on the ground] No teeth, Show Horse. No teeth!
[Jennifer closes her eyes and passes out]
Storch: [hands Earl a bottle of whiskey] To the good old days.
Earl: Well, fancy! To what do I owe?
Storch: You just enjoy it...
Earl: [takes a swig of the whiskey] This is some fine whiskey! Usually you don't get something like this except at baptisms and weddings...
Storch: [cocking his rifle] And funerals.
[Storch shoots Earl; he falls down and groans]
Storch: Loose ends, Earl.
[Storch cocks his gun again]
Storch: [pause] Loose ends...
[Storch shoots Earl in the head]
Jennifer: [revealing herself to Andy as he's tied with his arms behind his back next to a bathtub] How's it going?
[Jennifer then repeatedly hits Andy with an aluminum baseball bad, screaming with rage]
Johnny: [as Storch suddenly drives up in front of his trailer, tires screeching] Oh, shit!
Stanley: [Storch stops his car, gets out and advances towards Stanley with his pistol] What?
[Stanley backs away]
Stanley: I didn't do anything, Sheriff!
Storch: [shows Stanley the tape] Then you wanna tell me why this was dropped off to my house?
Storch: TO MY WIFE!
[Storch angrily runs to Stanley and shoves the tape in his mouth]
Johnny: [getting Matthew to sexually attack Jennifer] Look at that, Matthew! Look at that. Look at that right there. Hold up, wait a minute! Let's not worry about any of that right now.
[to Jennifer]
Johnny: What's a pretty little thing like you doin' out here all alone?
Jennifer: [she hesitates] l'm writing. l'm a writer!
Johnny: She's a writer...
Jennifer: My boyfriend will be here soon!
Jennifer: He's coming up to the cabin!
Johnny: [the men laugh] Is that right?
Storch: [to Matthew] Come on, retard...
Storch: [screaming as Jennifer leaves him the cabin to die] I'll see you in hell! I'LL RAPE YOU IN HELL! You're just a piece of meat! I'LL FIND YOU! I'LL HUNT YOU DOWN IN HELL, YOU BITCH!
Storch: [on cell phone with his wife and daughter while driving along the road] Hey, sweetheart!
Mrs. Storch: Chastity's new teacher's here!
Storch: Mrs. Novick?
Mrs. Storch: No, from the honors program.
Storch: Do you remember anything?
Mrs. Storch: Oh yeah, that's right-
[Mrs. Storch hands Chastity the cell phone]
Storch: I'm real busy, sweetheart...
Chastity Storch: Hey, Daddy!
Storch: Hello, angel! Daddy's real busy working...
Chastity Storch: But l really want you to meet my new teacher. She's way cool!
[Chastity hands a young woman the cell phone; it's actually Jennifer]
Chastity Storch: Here. Just say hi!
Jennifer: [Jennifer takes the phone and talks to Storch] Howdy, sheriff!
Storch: It's truly an honor to speak with you, Miss...
Jennifer: Hills!
Jennifer: Jennifer Hills!
Storch: [Storch suddenly stops his car, tires screeching] Excuse me?
Jennifer: I have to tell you it's been a pleasure meeting your family.
Jennifer: You have a wonderful daughter with a bright and promising future!
Storch: What the hell do you think you're doing?
Jennifer: We'll see soon, sheriff!
[Jennifer hangs up the cell phone and smiles politely at Mrs. Storch and Chastity]
Storch: No, wait!
Storch: SHIT!
Jennifer: [Johnny pees himself in front of Jennifer; she steps back] That is *disgusting*!
Jennifer: [to Johnny] See, that's the problem! You still have some teeth left. I'm gonna have to take care of that!
[Jennifer takes out a pair of pliers from her pants pocket; she starts violently plucking Johnny's teeth one-by-one as he screams in pain]
Jennifer: Huh? HUH?
[she continues pulling his teeth out with the pliers]
Jennifer: No FUCKING teeth, "Show Horse!" No fucking teeth!
Jennifer: Better save your strength, 'cause you got a few more races left to run... Show Horse!
Johnny: [starts sniffing Jennifer] Come here. Come here, have a drink with me. Come on over here. Come here, pretty little thing. Come here, have a drink with me!
Jennifer: No!
Johnny: [Johnny is working at the gas station. He hears a bell ring from a customer; the customer is a young, attractive female with her back turned. He walks towards her] Morning. Hey, there! Can I feel you up?
[the female patron suddenly turns around with a tire iron in her hand; it's Jennifer. She strikes Johnny with the iron bar and knocks him out]

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