With the help of her coach, her parents, and the boy who drives the Zamboni machine, nothing can stop Casey (Trachtenberg) from realizing her dream to be a champion figure skater.

Casey Carlyle: [upon learning the truth] Are you happy about my feet?
Gen Harwood: What?
Tina Harwood: I'm sorry, Casey, but your old skates were a mess.
Gen Harwood: You bought her new skates?
Casey Carlyle: Please, like you didn't know.
Gen Harwood: Casey, I didn't!
Casey Carlyle: How can you lie to my face? You're just as bad as she is.
Teddy Harwood: [defensively] Hey, ease up, Casey.
Casey Carlyle: Oh, just defend her! Like you weren't part of it.
Teddy Harwood: How could you think that?
Casey Carlyle: Because it's true. You set me up. All of you.
[a beat]
Casey Carlyle: What kind of people are you?
Girl at Party: Your doing that babbling thing again
Teddy Harwood: I think babbling is cool.
Tina Harwood: Look, I'm sorry, but when the CIA wants to learn new dirty tricks they observe figure skaters and their moms.
Zoe Bloch: Well, well, well. If it isn't the Leaping Dwarf.
Nikki: It's the Jumping Shrimp, actually.
Zoe Bloch: Like that's a step up?
Gen Harwood: [after doing Casey's makeup] You're hot, but stay away from Brian, he's mine. Now Teddy, Teddy you can have.
Casey Carlyle: Oh um... but I don't...
Gen Harwood: You know, I may not be as smart as you are, but I'm not an idiot.
Tina Harwood: Are you aware you had practice half an hour ago?
Gen Harwood: Yes, I am aware and I am done.
Tina Harwood: You can't do this, it is ridiculous.
Gen Harwood: No, I was ridiculous for putting myself through this for so long. We both know I don't have the talent.
Gen Harwood: Do you know what I want? No, you don't know what I want. I want to go to the homecoming dance with Brian. I want stop missing school, I like school. I want to stop feeling like an idiot for flunking math because I don't have the time to learn it. I want...
Tina Harwood: Okay, we will continue this discussion at home.
Casey Carlyle: What's wrong with wanting to feel strong and graceful and beautiful for once in my life?
[about Zoe Bloch]
Gen Harwood: She's got eyes in the back of her horns.
Nikki: I was this close, this close to losing!
Nikki's Mom: Sweetheart...
[places her hand on Nikki's arm]
Nikki: [twists her arm out of her mother's grip] Don't you know what'll happen after six months with Tina?
Nikki's Mom: What?
Nikki: She'll whip my butt! Someone is going to pay big time.
Tina Harwood: [about Casey's triple jump] She figured that out on her computer.
Gen Harwood: Mom, the computer can't make the jumps for you.
Gen Harwood: Okay, look. I don't care if you're here. But if you post a picture of me on the school website falling on my butt... You better transfer to a new school.
Teddy Harwood: [Casey falls in ice bucket] Just can't keep off the ice, can ya?
Nikki: [to Casey] You can keep it all if you just stop doing that.
Lily: Can you try not to like not squish me?
Casey Carlyle: I want you to coach me for sectionals.
Tina Harwood: Why on earth would I do that?
Casey Carlyle: Because you don't have a skater and I don't have a coach. We're a perfect match.
Joan Carlyle: [about Harvard] You can't do this, Case. You're giving up on your dream.
Casey Carlyle: No, Mom. I'm giving up on your dream. I'm going after mine.
Tina Harwood: [turning to a group of students gathered nearby, listening to a fight between she and Gen] If you have any sense of self-preservation, you will scatter.
Gen Harwood: [about Casey's improvisation in her program] She deviated!
Tina Harwood: And I'll bust her for it. Tomorrow.
Joan Carlyle: How can I not see you?
Casey Carlyle: You see me better than anyone.
Joan Carlyle: You know what I was thinking... Today's your last first day of school.
Tina Harwood: Take a deep breath
[Casey inhales]
Tina Harwood: ... And then you let it out.
[Casey exhales]
Nikki: [about The Jumping Shrimp] My mom had it copyrighted.

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