Stranded at a desolate Nevada motel during a nasty rain-storm, ten strangers become acquainted with each other when they realize that they're being killed off one by one.

[first Lines]
Malcolm Rivers: As I was going up the stairs, I met a man who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today. I wish, I wish he'd go away.
Timothy York: Whores don't get a second chance.
Rhodes: All right. You want a plan? Everybody want a plan? Here's the plan, okay? No one's gonna move. We're gonna stay here, like this, in this room until dawn. No one leaves, no one moves.
Rhodes: [points gun at Larry] And if he tries anything I'm gonna shoot him! And if there's something out there and it comes in here, I'm gonna shoot it! And if anyone of us tries anything, I'm gonna shoot 'em!
Ed: We get it!
Rhodes: Good!
Rhodes: You got a name?
Paris: Paris.
Rhodes: Paris, huh? I'll get it.
[Gets chips from vending machine]
Rhodes: Never been.
Paris: Well, you ain't goin' tonight.
Malcolm Rivers: [Malcolm/Timothy] Whores don't get a second chance!
Paris: I give up. HEY. I GIVE UP. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT? WHAT DO YOU WANT, YOU SICK BASTARD? What the fuck do you want from us? I am turning thirty next week, and I just want to go home, and grow oranges.
Caroline Suzanne: What are you doing?
Ed: Sorry, lady. It's a step down from the Ramada but it'll have to do.
Caroline Suzanne: I'm not staying here! Are you out of your mind? This is my car. You work for me, and you get those bags back in this car right now!
Caroline Suzanne: [Ed drags her out of the limo] Listen, I understand the bleeding person has medical condition, okay? But so do I. My lung walls have... depleted cilia. If I stay here, I could asphyxiate!
Ed: Listen to me, dude, I'm having a really fucked-up, really wet, very bad fucking day!
Ginny: You remember that movie where the ten strangers went to an island, and then they all died, one by one? And then it turned out they weren't strangers, that they all had a connection.
Larry: And you don't mess with the wrong guy when he's gettin' revenge!
Rhodes: Shut up!
Ginny: I'm just saying that maybe's there some connection between all of us.
Ed: Like what?
Larry: We're all in Nevada.
Rhodes: Shut up!
[repeated line]
Rhodes: Shut up!
Dr. Malick: Who am I speaking to?
Paris: Where in Florida Larry? Where in Florida?
Larry: Polk County.
Paris: That's where I was born. Which town?
Larry: Mulberry.
Paris: [points to herself] Frostproof.
Larry: No wonder you left.
George York: What have you done?
George York: [carrying in an injured Alice] She won't stop bleeding. She won't stop bleeding.
Larry: Jesus. What happened?
George York: It was an accident. We had an accident.
Larry: [Suzanne steps into motel lobby] Hey... didn't you used to be that actress?
Caroline Suzanne: [Glares, dumbfounded, exhausted] Yes.
Malcolm Rivers: Don't beat around the bush, doc. Don't beat around the bush. Don't beat around the bush. Don't beat around the bush, doc!
Caroline Suzanne: I am not staying here. Are you out of your mind?
Lou: [arguing] Open the fucking door!
Ginny: Not until you calm down!
Lou: [slams door viciously] I am calm! I am very fucking calm!
Judge Taylor: In the matter of Rivers v. Nevada, for purposes of...
Defense Lawyer: Just a minute. Judge Taylor, sir, with due respect, we should wait till my client arrives. He has a right to be present.
Judge Taylor: He has precious few rights, Counselor. He's twenty-four hours from execution.
Defense Lawyer: But in order to demonstrate his mental state, which is the purpose...
Judge Taylor: His mental state? His mental state? Do you know what time it is? Hmm? You think I got time for bullshit? That the justices have seen fit to call me in the middle of the night to review a case that I have already sat on, that I have already decided, may make you happy. But you know what? It pisses me off! So when your boy gets here you can do whatever you want with him, but in the name of decency state your goddamn case!
Defense Lawyer: Yes, sir.
Judge Taylor: Somebody get me a cup of coffee, black.
District Attorney: So you're telling me they're taking this scumbag to a hearing the night before his execution? NOW HOW THE FUCK DID YOU LET THAT HAPPEN?
Paris: [Ed is taking evidence photos] Where were you a cop?
Ed: Los Angeles.
Paris: Were you fired or did you quit?
Ed: I took medical leave. It was making me sick. I burned out, I guess. Wasn't up for it. One day, I got a call for a jumper. A young Mexican girl. Pregnant, infected with AIDS, totally strung-out. She was truly one of the doomed. And I asked her to come in off the ledge and into my arms. She asked me why she should bother living.
Paris: What did you say?
Ed: Well I was trained to tell her lots of things. Her dreams and all the people who'd miss her. But for a second, I hesitated. And she saw it. Within that second, I couldn't think of honestly one optimistic thing to say to her. So she spread her arms and jumped. I started getting headaches, and eventually started blacking out. So I filed for medical.
George York: [to stepson/Timmy] I'll be right back.
[to Ed, who is sewing up Alice's neck]
George York: Where did you learn to do that?
Ed: Pretty much where you're standing. Hey, is the, uh, little boy. Is he all right? He hasn't said a word since the accident. I don't know if he's...
George York: [Cutting Ed off] No no no. He doesn't talk much. Ever since the, uh... I'm his stepfather. His father... Two years ago he left. A little temper problem.
Ed: Hey, what the hell are you doing?
Rhodes: There's something in there.
Ed: Use this, man.
[gives Rhodes a fabric softener sheet]
Rhodes: Thanks.
Larry: You a cop?
Ed: I was.
Rhodes: [reaches into dryer and pulls out a room #10 key, then says softly:] What?
Ed: She was in room 10?
Rhodes: *I* am.
Ed: Where's your guy?
Rhodes: He's cuffed to a toilet.
Paris: Where did you go before? What did you see? What? Tell me what you saw.
Ed: I saw you... I saw you in an orange grove.
Dr. Malick: The killer cannot survive.
Ginny: Maybe it's the burial ground.
Ed: What?
Ginny: Read the brochure in there. It's all around us. A hundred years ago the government moved these Indians here. And they all died because there was no water.
Rhodes: What, now they're coming back to life like sea monkeys, huh? Come on, give me a break, sweetheart, will ya? Please.
Larry: Hey, Ed? I don't know if I'm comfortable with guard duty, per se.
Ed: He's unconscious, Larry. He's tied to a post.
George York: [after getting a flat tire] Okay, uh, turn into the spin. Apply brakes in short, firm intervals. Check mirror. Roll to a smooth, steady stop. Everybody okay? Timmy? Seat belts. Seat belts!
George York: [Alice York just got hit by a car] The driver of every motor vehicle involved in any matter of an accident originating between the operation of a vehicle shall within ten days of the accident, report the accident.
Rhodes: There's a dead body in your freezer, Larry!
Larry: I didn't kill him. I found him like that!
Rhodes: Oh, stop it!
Larry: No, wait! Please, listen! Listen! Listen, I was in Vegas last month and I lost everything, okay? Everything! And I was driving West. I didn't know where I was going, but I was running on empty so I pulled in here at this place. And there was no one at the station, so I came over to the office and I walked in. And there, sitting at that desk right there, was the manager, face down in a Banquet potpie, dead. Heart attack or something.
Rhodes: Banquet potpie. Banquet potpie!
Larry: I don't know. He'd been sitting there for God knows how long. All of a sudden, this auto parts salesman pulls up looking for a room. I didn't have a fucking dime, so I took his thirty and gave him one. I just took the key from the wall him a room. Maybe that was wrong, but I was broke and that's what I did. Then I came back in here and I moved Larry's body. His name was Larry too. I put him in the freezer. I wasn't trying to hide him. It was hot out, and I thought it was the best place for him till his family or someone came along. Only no one did, except more guests. So I checked them in too, and they all seemed happy so I just stayed.
Larry: I'm sor- we don't rent rooms by the hour.
Paris: [Sarcastic] Oh. Funny.
Dr. Malick: Your Honor, there is no universally efficacious treatment for dissociative identity disorder. In theory, one attempts to move the patient towards integration; unfolding, if you will, of their fractured psyche.
Paris: You're a complicated cat, Edward.
Paris: That's not possible. I was standing right there. I saw what happened. We all saw what happened.
Larry: [nervously looks for something to lock the diner fridge with] Shit!
Robert Maine: [taunts] What's wrong, buddy? What do you got in the fridge?
Larry: You shut up.
Robert Maine: What's in there? What's in there? What do you got in there?
Larry: Shut up.
Robert Maine: What is it, huh?
Larry: Shut up.
Robert Maine: Come on, you can tell me. I'm good at keeping secrets. I got a whopper myself.
Larry: It's your birthday next week? It's my birthday next week. The 10th.
Paris: Me too.
Rhodes: Me too.
Ed: Yeah.

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