The housewife Claire Cooper is married with the pilot Paul Cooper and their little daughter Rebecca is their pride and joy. When a stranger kidnaps a girl, Claire dreams about the man but ... See full summary¬†¬Ľ

Vivian Thompson: I don't like you anymore!
[points gun at Claire]
Claire: No, no. I don't die here. I die in the lake, remember?
Vivian Thompson: Oh yeah.
[points the gun at Claire's foot, instead]
Vivian Thompson: Maybe you develop a limp.
Claire: Where's Ruby Vivian?
Vivian Thompson: Ruby is, Ruby is, I'm not tellin' 'til you give me the gun.
Vivian Thompson: You want to come over to my place, Claire? I have to warn you, though, it's haunted.
Claire: Who's it haunted by?
Vivian Thompson: You.
Title Card: [first title card] In 1965 the town of Northfield was evacuated to create the Northfield Reservoir.
Title Card: [second title card] Two billion gallons of water flooded the empty street, obliterating all memory of the lives once lived there, leaving a drowned ghost town.
[first lines]
Claire: [Helping daughter rehearse lines from Snow White while walking through trees by lake]
[In sing-song voice]
Claire: Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of us all?
Rebecca Cooper: [Skipping through trees by lake]
[In sing-song voice]
Rebecca Cooper: You're the fairest in this hall but Snow WHITE is THE...
Claire: [laughs] Come on Rebecca, forget it's a play. Just, say it like you're saying it to me.
Rebecca Cooper: [sing-song voice] Snow White's the fairest of them all.
Claire: And again.
[Looks at daughter]
Claire: Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of us all?
Rebecca Cooper: [At end of trees, stops and looks at mom] You're the fairest in
[interrupted by mom]
Claire: [Interrupts daughter. Touches index finger to daughter's forehead in a pointing gesture] Wrong!
[Smiles and grabs daughter's chin affectionately with index finger and thumb while daughter looks at her and smiles]
Claire: You are.
[repeated chant]
Vivian Thompson: My daddy is a dollar / I wrote it on a fence / My daddy is a dollar / not worth a hundred cents.
Claire: Uh, yeah. I wrote that. But somebody else made me do it.
[Starts laughing]
[last lines]
[In his room in insane asylum. Hear horrified screaming by Vivian as he watches the walls become covered with the words Sweet Dreams written in blood. Then the blood pours down the walls]
Vivian Thompson: [Screaming at the window of the locked door to his room. He bangs his head and fist on the door window] Help!
Claire: Get out of my brain.
Vivian Thompson: As perfect as things can be in this valley of tears.
Vivian Thompson: Ruby where the fuck are you?

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