Two business executives--one an avowed misogynist, the other recently emotionally wounded by his love interest--set out to exact revenge on the female gender by seeking out the most innocent, uncorrupted girl they can find and ruining her life.

Chad: Let's hurt somebody.
Chad: No matter what happens after it - jumped over for promotions, wife runs off with some biochemist, who knows what... But we would always have this thing to fall back on. We could always say, "Yeah, fine, but they never got me like we got her."
Chad: Never trust anything that can bleed for a week and not die.
Howard: Look at you! You are fucking handicapped! You think you can choose? Men falling at your feet?
Chad: Life is for the taking, is it not?
Chad: Let me give you a professional tip. The word is ASK.
Chad: Women. Nice ones, the most frigid of the race, it doesn't matter in the end. Inside they're all the same meat and gristle and hatred just simmering.
Christine: Just remember, I can't hear you when you're lying.
Chad: Never lose control, that's the key.
Chad: Fuck her! Let's get a sandwich!
Chad: [Snaps his fingers then Yells] Hey!
Howard: I get so used to saying what people want to hear I forget sometimes they might just want the truth.
Chad: What's the difference between a golf ball and a G-spot? I'll spend twenty minutes looking for a golf ball!

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