A week in the life of a young singer as he navigates the Greenwich Village folk scene of 1961.

Llewyn Davis: If it was never new, and it never gets old, then it's a folk song.
Roland Turner: A solo act?
Llewyn Davis: No, I had a partner... he threw himself off the George Washington Bridge.
Roland Turner: George Washington Bridge? You throw yourself off the Brooklyn Bridge, traditionally. George Washington Bridge? Who does that?
Llewyn Davis: I'm tired. I thought I just needed a night's sleep but it's more than that.
Jean: Everything you touch turns to shit, you're like king Midas's idiot brother.
Jean: I should have had you wear double condoms. But if you ever do it again, which is a favour to women everywhere you should not. But if you do, you should be wearing condom on condom. And then wrap it in electrical tape. You should just walk around always, inside a great big condom. Because you are shit!
Llewyn Davis: [on Please Mr. Kennedy song] Hey, look... I'm really happy for the gig but who... who wrote this?
Jim: I did.
Roland Turner: Folk singer with a cat. You queer?
Llewyn Davis: I lost their fucking cat, I feel bad about it.
Jean: That's what you feel bad about?
Roland Turner: What's the "N" stand for? Lou N. Davis?
Llewyn Davis: Llewyn. Llewyn, L-L-E-W-Y-N. It's Welsh.
Roland Turner: Well, it would have to be something, stupid fucking name like that. You don't look Welsh.
Llewyn Davis: She doesn't have to leave, I'm leaving, obviously.
Elizabeth Hobby: This is my first time playing in New York...
Llewyn Davis: [from the audience, drunk] How'd you get the gig, Betty?
Al Cody: [singing] Outer... space! Outer... space!
Lillian Gorfein: Where's his scrotum?
Jean: You don't want to go anywhere, and that's why the same shit's going to keep happening to you, because you want it to.
Llewyn Davis: Is that why?
Jean: Yes, and also because you're an asshole!
Llewyn Davis: What is that? What are you doing?
Lillian Gorfein: It's Mike's part.
Llewyn Davis: Don't do that!
Lillian Gorfein: It's Mike's part.
Llewyn Davis: I know that it is. Don't do that. Oh well. You know what, this is bullshit. I'm sorry... I don't do this, okay? I do this for a living. It's not a, not a fucking parlor game.
Bud Grossman: I don't see a lot of money here.
[last lines]
Llewyn Davis: Au revoir!
Llewyn Davis: In my experience, the world's divided into two kinds of people. The kind who divide the world into two kinds of people...
Jean: And losers?
Llewyn Davis: [talking to the cat] What's your name again?
Llewyn Davis: [the cat escapes from him, through the window] Oh shit. No, no! Oh. Fuck, goddamnit, oh shit!
Llewyn Davis: Holy shit! Oh, oh this is good, you got a new cat?
Jean: Do you ever think of the future at all?
Llewyn Davis: The future? You mean like flying cars? Hotels on the moon? Tang?
Jean: I'm sad? You're the one who's not going anywhere. You don't wanna get anywhere. Me and Jim try.
Llewyn Davis: I wanna...
Jean: We try, you sleep on the couch!
Llewyn Davis: It's a bad thing to throw on my face, you know that?
Llewyn Davis: And you know what? Fuck Mike's part!
Llewyn Davis: What is his thing?
Jim: Huh?
Llewyn Davis: Him. Troy.
Jim: Wonderful performer.
Llewyn Davis: Is he?
Jim: Wonderful.
Llewyn Davis: Does he have a higher function?
Llewyn Davis: [to the crowd lining up outside the Gaslight Café] The show's bullshit. Four Micks and Grandma Moses.
Llewyn Davis: Well, I could say we should talk about this when you're less angry, but that would be... that'd be... when would that be?
Jean: Fuck you!
Llewyn Davis: Who is Arthur Milgrum?
Al Cody: Oh that's me. I'm gonna change it legally, at some point.
Llewyn Davis: Thank you, I appreciate it. I needed this, as you know.
Cromartie: Yeah.
Llewyn Davis: We'll be touring, right?
Jim: [from across the room] Touring Uranus.
Llewyn Davis: I'll get my vaccinations.
Joy: Seen him?
[their father]
Llewyn Davis: Yeah.
Llewyn Davis: What? Should I?
Joy: You tell me, he's your father.
Llewyn Davis: Yeah, he sure is.

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