Biographical story of the rise from nowhere of early rock and roll singer Ritchie Valens who died at age 17 in a plane crash with Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper.

Buddy Holly: The sky belongs to the stars.
Bob Morales: What's going on?
Connie Valenzuela: [painting posters] Show business, show business.
Bob Morales: [signs look terrible] These look like shit, even a monkey can do better then this.
Connie Valenzuela: Oh Yea.
Bob Morales: [late at night Bob painting posters] Should've kept my mouth shut.
Ritchie Valens: This is like my high school prom.
Bob Morales: Yeah. Except this prom puts out.
[Last Line]
Bob Morales: [In agony over his brother's death] RICHIE!
Rosie Morales: [to Bob] I am not your puta!
Bob Keene: Wait Ritchie, look. I understand about friendship... but I'm being honest here. Not everyone in the world gets a shot at the "brass ring." You're gonna have to ask yourself what's more important, your friends... or your music.
Ritchie Valens: [Walks back to table] My family...
[Bartender shuts the T.V]
Bob Morales: Hey, what the hell! Man I was watching that! Put that back on!
Bartender: You've had enough for one afternoon, buddy.
Bob Morales: Put it back on! That dude's my brother!
Bartender: Yeah and I'm your Irish uncle.
Bob Morales: Look it's Woody Woodpecker and Buzz Buzzard, Man they make cartoons here.
Donna Ludwig: I will never let anyone get in the way of my feelings for you,ever again.
Connie Valenzuela: How could you do this to Ritchie!
Bob Morales: To Ritchie? I did this to me, okay!
Rosie Morales: That's my Bob, always thinking of others first.
Bob Morales: Shut your goddamn mouth!
Ritchie Valens: Hey man, don't take it out on Rosie, okay.
Bob Morales: Ritchie, you don't understand man. You don't understand a goddamn thing!
[walking Away]
Bob Morales: What do you think, the whole fuckin' world revolves around you!
Bob Morales: You know, my old man wasn't around when I was born.
[takes swig of vodka and grimaces]
Bob Morales: Why should I be?
Ritchie Valens: Bob! Watch it! My guitar, man!
Bob Morales: Sorry. I didnt' know that piece of junk was so important to you.
Ritchie Valens: I even sleep with it.
Rosie Morales: He doesn't want a wife. He wants a love slave, one that he can kick around.
Bob Morales: Look Rosie, you're not my wife. Quit being such a drag. What the shit's eating you anyway?
Rosie Morales: I'm pregnant.
Rosie Morales: Well aren't you gonna say anything?
Bob Morales: What's there to say? It's not my first. Or my last.
Ritchie Valens: Bob. Where's mom's new dress?
Bob Morales: What new dress?
Ritchie Valens: The one I asked you to buy her for Christmas.
Bob Morales: Hey, you're the asshole with all the money, why don't you buy it yourself!
Bob Morales: I've had one sip of beer and I have to admit it taste like piss to me. Want it?
Ritchie Valens: Yeah.
[takes a sip then puts the beer down]
Ritchie Valens: What's your problem man?
Bob Morales: Old Steve. He always said you'd be somebody and I bought it, too. If that's the way Steve wanted it that's the way it was going to be. Even after he told me he wasnt my dad, once I knew the full score, I understood why he treated you just a little bit better than me. I'll just hang around for the leftovers, like a dog. That's how much i loved him. Like a goddamn dog.
Ritchie Valens: Bob we don't have to talk about this right now.
Bob Morales: Shit! No, I want to talk about this and you're gonna listen to me!
Ritchie Valens: This is a crock of shit man!
Bob Morales: Man he set you up to conquer the world and didn't leave me shit!
Ritchie Valens: Nobody told you to throw your life away! I'm only sorry I didn't say something about you be drunk half the time. You did it to yourself!
Bob Morales: Listen to you, coming in here like you own the whole goddamn country. To me you'll always be that little asshole who followed me around in the sticks.
Ritchie Valens: Yeah, I followed you around man, 'cause I thought you were somebody. Then!
Bob Morales: Don't be such a dreamer, man.
Ritchie Valens: My dreams are pure rock and roll.
Ritchie Valens: My mom reckons I'm going to be a star. And stars don't fall from the sky.
Bob Morales: Come on Rosie, take a hit man! Put a little mota in our love life!
Bob Keene: Look... it could be worse, you could have been Riki Zuela.
Ted Quillen: Your wife's pregnant and in the car with you?
Bob Morales: [on phone] She's in the car right now!
Ted Quillen: [pause] And what kind of car do you have?
Bob Morales: [on phone] A Rolls Royce!
[Maniacal laughter]
Bob Morales: [to Ritchie] You've been laid yet? I'm serious, I know what your problem is. Sperm pressure, it's scientific.

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