Philipe Gastone, a thief, escapes from the dungeon at Aquila, sparking a manhunt. He is nearly captured when Captain Navarre befriends him. Navarre has been hunted by the Bishop's men for ... See full summary¬†¬Ľ

Imperius: I fully expect to meet you at the Pearly Gates, little thief, and don't you dare disappoint me.
Phillipe: I'll meet you there, Father... even if I have to pick the lock.
[after picking someone's pocket]
Phillipe: I know I promised, Lord, never again. But I also know that YOU know what a weak-willed person I am.
Phillipe: Sir, the truth is, I talk to God all the time, and, no offense, but He never mentioned you.
Imperius: What do you want?
Phillipe: I was told to bring you this bird. It's been wounded.
Imperius: Oh, good shot! Bring it in, we'll dine together.
Phillipe: We can't eat this bird.
Imperius: What? Oh God, is it Lent again already?
Phillipe: We have come full circle, Lord. I would like to think there is some higher meaning in this. It certainly would reflect well on You.
Etienne Navarre: Each generation is called upon to follow its own quest.
Phillipe: And what is your quest?
Etienne Navarre: I must kill a man.
Phillipe: Tell me - does this walking corpse have a name?
Insane Prisoner: The Mouse? He left our house. No mouse today, he's run away. To ease the pain, he... he's down the drain.
Bishop: I believe in miracles, Marquet. It's part of my job.
Soldier #1: Where is Navarre?
Phillipe: Navarre? Navarre? Ah, yes. Big man, black horse. I thought I saw him ride south, toward Aquila
Soldier #2: Ha, then we ride north.
Phillipe: It isn't polite to assume that someone is a liar when you've only just met them.
Soldier #1: And yet you knew we would. We ride south.
Phillipe: [talking to God] I told the truth, Lord. How can I learn any moral lessons when you keep confusing me this way?
Etienne Navarre: Do you know that hawks and wolves mate for life? The Bishop didn't even leave us that... not even that.
City guard: [about to slay Navarre in his wolf form] I've never had the pleasure of killing a wolf before.
Imperius: How strange. That's exactly what the Bishop said. I'm sure he'll understand your depriving him of the pleasure. He's a very forgiving sort of man.
Imperius: Thank you for trying, Phillipe, and standing up for the truth.
Phillipe: I should have known better; every happy moment in my life has come from lying.
Phillipe: "You must save this Hawk" he said, "For she is my life, my last and best reason for living." And then he said, "One day, we will know such happiness as two people dream of, but never do."
Isabeau: He said that?
Phillipe: I swear it on my life.
Lieutenant: Open this door in the name of His Holiness the Bishop of Aquila.
Imperius: Be off with you. This is a house of God, not a brothel.
Lieutenant: I said open this door in the name of His Grace, the Bishop of Aquila.
Imperius: I've met the bishop, you blasphemous lout. And you look nothing like him.
Soldier #2: [finds Phillipe hiding on an embattlement ledge] Where is the woman?
Phillipe: She flew away.
Soldier #2: I said where is she?
Phillipe: God's truth! She flew away!
Soldier #2: If you don't...
[soldier is shot by Navarre's crossbow bolt and falls to his death]
Phillipe: Always pays to tell the truth, Lord. Thank you. I see that now.
Phillipe: [gathering firewood for Navarre] Look at me, Lord. I was better off in the dungeons of Aquila. My cellmate was insane, and a murderer... but HE respected me!
Phillipe: Lord, I'll never pick another pocket again as long as I live. I swear it. But here's the problem: You've got to let me live. How can I prove my good faith to you? If you've heard me, this ledge will remain steady as a rock, and that thing coming at me won't be what I think it is. If it is, there's no hard feelings, of course, but I'd be very disappointed.
Phillipe: Are you flesh, or are you spirit?
Isabeau: I am sorrow.
Phillipe: [escaping from the dungeon] This is not unlike escaping my mother's womb. God, what a memory.
Phillipe: When you kneel before the alter, how do you get up again?
Imperius: You sacrilegious young imp.
[Phillipe and Isabeau are being chased by guards]
Isabeau: It's me they're after.
Phillipe: Don't flatter yourself.
Phillipe: Maybe I'm dreaming. My eyes are open, which means maybe I'm awake dreaming that I'm asleep. Or, or more likely, I'm asleep dreaming that I'm awake wondering if I'm dreaming.
Isabeau: You are dreaming.
Imperius: [to city guard] Wisdom is beyond price, my son. Be grateful that you have it.
Phillipe: [referring to Navarre] He wants something from me. I can see it in his eyes. Well, whatever it is, I'm not going to do it! I'm still a young man, you know. I've got prospects!
Phillipe: There are strange forces at work in your life. Magical ones that surround you. I don't understand them, but they frighten me. You have given me my life. The truth is I can never repay you. I have no honor, and never will have. I don't think you would kill me for being what I am, but better that than to return to Aquila.
[he starts to walk away when Navarre throws his sword at the tree next to him]
Phillipe: [Phillipe turns back to see Navarre looking at him wickedly]
Phillipe: ...I'll gather some wood for the fire.
Etienne Navarre: [after catching Phillipe using his sword to cut firewood] This sword has been in my family for five generations. It has never known defeat. Until now.
[Seeing Isabeau for the first time in person in years]
Etienne Navarre: You cut your hair!
Phillipe: If you lay one hand on her you will find it on the ground next to your head. Now ride on!
[Repeated line, talking about the bridge across his moat]
Imperius: Walk on the *left* side.
Imperius: MUST you keep thumping me in the liver?
Phillipe: Imperius, this hole isn't big enough for the two of us.
Imperius: Let's just hope it's big enough for the wolf.
Etienne Navarre: Tell me everything that she said. And I warn you, I will know if the words are hers.
[Ladyhawke flies to Phillipe instead of Navarre]
Etienne Navarre: Last night...
Phillipe: Captain?
Etienne Navarre: Tell me about it.
Phillipe: What's to tell?
[to Ladyhawke]
Phillipe: Go on, go. Go, go... Go to the one you love. Well, we ran into a bit of trouble on our way to an inn.
Etienne Navarre: You took Isabeau to an inn?
Phillipe: Well, first we had to go to a stable.
Etienne Navarre: What did you do in a stable?
Phillipe: We changed clothes.
Etienne Navarre: *What*?
Phillipe: Well, not together, of course.
Etienne Navarre: You left her alone?
Phillipe: No, never.
Etienne Navarre: So you *did* change.
Phillipe: No. No. No.
Etienne Navarre: [spots Phillipe and Imperius walking away] You two!
[they turn to him]
Etienne Navarre: Come here.
[Philipe and Imperius approach Navarre and Isabeau]
Imperius: May God's blessings, be with you both, from this day forward.
Etienne Navarre: I bless the day that he brought you back to us, father.
[turns to Phillipe]
Etienne Navarre: And you. And you...
[he kisses Phillipe on the cheek]
Isabeau: [kisses Phillipe's cheek] You're the truest friend we could ever have.
Etienne Navarre: And know this - if you fail, I will follow you the length of my days. And I will find you.
Phillipe: She loves you more than life itself. She's had to.
Phillipe: [regarding the empty space in the hilt of Navarre's sword] Sir, you don't think that I took that...
Etienne Navarre: No, this is mine to fill. Each generation is called upon to follow its own quest.
Phillipe: What is your quest?
Etienne Navarre: I must kill a man.
Phillipe: Tell me - does this walking corpse have a name?
Etienne Navarre: His Grace, the Bishop of Aquila.
Phillipe: The Bishop. I see. Well... Well, then you have much to do. And I've already been enough of a burden to you. I do hope our paths cross again one day.
Etienne Navarre: I need you to guide me into the city.
Phillipe: Not for the life of my mother! Even if I knew who she was.
Etienne Navarre: You are the only one who has ever escaped from there.
Phillipe: It was chance! Pure chance! A miracle! Once in a lifetime! I fell down a hole and followed my nose!
Etienne Navarre: [sighs] I have waited almost two years for a sign from God. So when I heard the morning bells of Aquila, I knew the moment of my destiny had come. You will be my guiding angel.
Phillipe: Me?
Etienne Navarre: [nods]
Phillipe: Sir, the truth is I talk to God all the time, and no offense, but He never mentioned you.
Etienne Navarre: No?
Bishop: There is a woman.
Cezar: Your Grace?
Bishop: A beautiful woman with alabaster skin and the eyes of a dove. She travels by night, only by night. Her sun is the moon. And her name is... Isabeau. Find her and you find the wolf. The wolf I want. The wolf who... loves her.
Bishop: Great storms announce themselves with a single breeze, and a single random spark can ignite the fires of rebellion.
Etienne Navarre: This lady... Did she perhaps have a name?
Phillipe: Not that she mentioned, why?
Etienne Navarre: Well, she may wander into my dreams. Wouldn't it be nice, if I could call her by name and pretend we've met before? I've waited a long time for such a lady.
[first lines]
Phillipe: Impossible. Impossible. Nothing is impossible. Come on, Mouse. Dig! Dig, Mouse. Come on.
Phillipe: Not much farther. About 350 miles... That's all.
Etienne Navarre: [upon seeing Phillipe's claw marks] What is that?
Imperius: That happened last night when he saved he your life.
Etienne Navarre: [pause, then to Phillipe] Forgive me.
[pulls Phillipe to his feet and hugs him]
Etienne Navarre: I'll show you idiots how to cage a wolf.
Phillipe Gaston: What a night...
Etienne Navarre: What happened?
Phillipe: Oh, nothing I couldn't handle.
Phillipe: Look, up there.
Peasant Girl: [looks at Phillipe] He's taking Daddy's shoes.
Phillipe: You've got it, little darlings.
Bishop: [Navarre approaches the Bishop with his sword drawn] But kill me, Navarre, and the curse will go on forever. You must think of Isabeau.
Etienne Navarre: Isabeau... is dead! Damn you.
[raises his sword to strike]
Etienne Navarre: Damn you to Hell!
Isabeau: Navarre?
Marquet: The responsibility is mine.
Bishop: Yes.
Marquet: [to his soldiers as they leave to recapture Philipe] The name of the man who finds Philippe Gaston will be brought to the personal attention of the Bishop - as will the BODY of the man who lets him get away!
Etienne Navarre: I need you to guide me.
Phillipe: Not for the life of my mother! Even if I knew who she was.
[last lines]
Isabeau: [to Navarre] I love you! I love you!

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