In London for his daughter's wedding, a rumpled man finds his romantic spirits lifted by a new woman in his life.

Kate Walker: [answers phone] Hello, Mum.
Maggie: What are you wearing?
Kate Walker: Purple dungarees.
Maggie: Oh, you're not.
Kate Walker: No, not really. I'm wearing a miniskirt and a boob tube. They're totally back in.
Maggie: Oh, you're just being silly.
[Kate laughs]
Kate Walker: You still here, still in London?
Harvey Shine: Sure. Can I explain?
Kate Walker: No, no. You don't need to explain, Harvey.
Harvey Shine: I want to.
Kate Walker: No, honestly. I don't need to...
Harvey Shine: Kate, please. I was in a hospital.
Kate Walker: Oh, God. Why?
Harvey Shine: No. It's nothing. I left my pills in New York. I have this irregular heart beat. I had it since I was a kid.
Kate Walker: Arrhythmia.
Harvey Shine: How do you know what it is?
Kate Walker: Cause my father has it.
Harvey Shine: Well, young men get it, too.
[Kate laughs]
Harvey Shine: Aw, Kate, I'm so sorry I wasn't there.
Harvey Shine: So, uh, how'd it go?
Kate Walker: Um, well, the usual. Lovely, mild-mannered Mike gave us the latest installment from his psychosexual thriller... He's 86.
Harvey Shine: [to child] Hi.
Girl at Wedding: You do know this is the children's table.
Harvey Shine: Yes.
Kate Walker: [to boy] Hello.
[whispers to Harvey]
Kate Walker: Bit of a chatterbox.
Harvey Shine: Mm.
Kate Walker: [answers cell phone] Mum, I love you, but not now.
Harvey Shine: Should I take that as a hopeful sign?
[Kate snickers and smiles a little]
Harvey Shine: If you give me just a little wider smile.
Kate Walker: [laughs] Oh, shut up, Harvey. So how's this going to work, Mr. Shine?
Harvey Shine: I have absolutely no idea. But it will. I promise you that.
Kate Walker: Shall we walk?
Harvey Shine: Yes.
Kate Walker: [phone rings] Hang on. Sorry. Oh, sorry. I should get this.
Harvey Shine: Go ahead.
Kate Walker: Hello, Mum? Hello. Sorry. I've been busy. Yeah. No. I'm out, actually. Yes, yes with someone. No, with someone else. Yes, a man.
Kate Walker: Hang on a sec.
[takes off shoes and carries them]
Kate Walker: Oh.
[takes Harvey's arm]
Kate Walker: That's better.
Harvey Shine: [looks at her holding his arm] I think you're my kind of girl.
[Kate chuckles]
Harvey Shine: Why don't you ask me those questions?
Kate Walker: Which ones?
Harvey Shine: You know, at the airport, when I avoided you.
Kate Walker: Oh, the questionnaire.
Harvey Shine: Yes.
Kate Walker: Oh, okay. Name?
Harvey Shine: Harvey Shine.
Kate Walker: Place of residence?
Harvey Shine: I'm in transition.
Kate Walker: [putting vacuum away] Okay, Mama. It's me. Done. I've got to get to work.
Maggie: Why don't you stay and have some lunch?
Kate Walker: I can't. I've got to go. Um, not to pry or anything, but why is there a large smoked ham under the stairs?
Maggie: Oh, that. Yes. It's um... The neighbor gave it to me.
Kate Walker: The Polish neighbor?
[her mother nods]
Kate Walker: So, probably not a mass murderer.
Maggie: Probably not.
[Kate chuckles]
Harvey Shine: I'm gonna dance your socks off.
Kate Walker: I think I'm more comfortable with being disappointed. I think I'm angry at you for trying to take that away.
Kate Walker: You - You just dive in there, don't you just, whoosh, anywhere, deep end. And I'm not, I'm not a bloody swimming pool Harvey.
Harvey Shine: I have to tell you that it is a relief to find someone who actually says what they're feeling and what they're thinking. Especially in a place that is supposed to be, you know, Britian. English, reserved.
Kate Walker: Oh, no, no. Haven't you heard? We're a nation changed. Ever since Diana died, we're all sort of flowing out of us like water. You guys showed us the way, actually. No more stiff upper lip for us.
Harvey Shine: And what is that, exactly?
Kate Walker: What?
Harvey Shine: Stiff upper lip.
Kate Walker: I'm not sure, it's kind of the whole clenched thing.
[makes face]
Harvey Shine: Clenched?
[makes face too]
Kate Walker: I think so, you know. See, you know, when you cry, your lips wobble and when you're being strong, they don't.
Harvey Shine: Like this.
[making face]
Kate Walker: No, that's sort of more like a bulldog. No, don't do that. You look like you've got no teeth at all.
Harvey Shine: It's my first attempt at a stiff upper lip. Who does...
Kate Walker: I don't really kn - I think it's sort of the tension in your jaw.
Harvey Shine: Who does that?
Kate Walker: Aristocrats.
Harvey Shine: The aristocrats?
Kate Walker: Posh people.
Kate Walker: I don't think I've stayed up all night since I was a student.
[becomes very quiet]
Harvey Shine: You got sad. Why?
Kate Walker: [doesn't speak for a moment] I was pregnant once. Didn't have it. I mean... I didn't think twice about it. That's what smart girls did. Yeah. I do... I do sometimes wonder, you know, wh-
[crying while speaking]
Kate Walker: whether they would be funny or clever or... Oh. I don't know...
[wiping tears]
Kate Walker: neurotic. Stupid, really. I don't know why I told you that.
Harvey Shine: Meet me here tomorrow, okay?
Kate Walker: What?
Harvey Shine: Right here, right in this spot, noon. Okay?
Kate Walker: What about your flight?
Harvey Shine: I don't have to go.
Kate Walker: Why?
[Harvey looks at her, but doesn't answer]
Kate Walker: Oh, shut up, Harvey. Stop it. You think that now, you wait till tomorrow.
Harvey Shine: Today is tomorrow.
Kate Walker: Harvey. We don't know anything about each other.
Kate Walker: You're, you know...
Harvey Shine: Old.
Kate Walker: No. I wasn't gonna say that. Well, okay, you're a bit older. I'm...
Kate Walker: I can be mean.
Harvey Shine: So can I.
Kate Walker: No. Truly cantankerous.
Harvey Shine: [thinks for a moment] Cantankerous, I've never been.
Kate Walker: [laughs] I should be going.
Harvey Shine: I'm very serious. I'll be here waiting at noon, okay?
[Kate sighs and wipes her nose with tissue]
Harvey Shine: Okay?
Kate Walker: [kisses Harvey before leaving] Harvey Shine.
Harvey Shine: [calling to her] Tell me what time!
Kate Walker: [calls back] Noon!
Harvey Shine: I can't hear you!
Kate Walker: [louder] Noon!
Kate Walker: I'm not gonna do it, because it'll hurt! Sometime or other there'll be, you know "It's not working." or "I need my space." or whatever it is and it will end and it will hurt, and I won't do it.
Kate Walker: Fair enough. You win.
Harvey Shine: What do you say, let me make it up to both of us and I'll buy you lunch? Or tea. How about tea, if it's teatime?
Kate Walker: Thanks very much, but I don't know you, and you don't know me, so...
Harvey Shine: That's exactly why we should have tea together.
Kate Walker: It's very sweet of you, but thank you. No.
Harvey Shine: Well, you've got your book.
Kate Walker: Mm.
[cell phone rings]
Harvey Shine: If that's for me, I'm in the shower. Aren't you gonna answer it?
Kate Walker: No.
Harvey Shine: Should I take that as a hopeful sign?
[Kate smiles]
Harvey Shine: If it is, you can give me a little wider smile.
[Kate laughs]
Kate Walker: I had a lovely time, Harvey, and I like you - I really do. But you know, I don't really do fountains at noon either. I mean, I live in - Well, I live in Wilton Greens, and you live wherever you...
Harvey Shine: I live in White Plains.
Kate Walker: Exactly. And Monday morning, life kicks in, and we're not teenagers. Got a life and our jobs and our family and everything, and I had a lovely time. I won't forget it. Thank you. But...
Harvey Shine: What?
Kate Walker: Well, it's not, you know, real life.
Harvey Shine: It is.
Kate Walker: No, it isn't, Harvey.
Harvey Shine: It is.
Kate Walker: No, it's not, Harvey.
Harvey Shine: No, it is real life. It's real life for me.
Kate Walker: No, no. I know. I know. But it's not just about you, is it? It's about me, as well. You don't know anything about me. Look at me. I mean, it's pathetic. I actually expected you not to show. In fact, I think I actually almost wanted you not to show because it's just sort of easier that way. You know, you just dive in there. You just whoosh anywhere. It's the deep end and I'm not a bloody swimming pool, Harvey, and I'm not - I'm not gonna do it. I'm not gonna do it. I'm not gonna do it because it'll hurt. Sometime or other there'll be, you know, it's not working, or I need my space, or whatever it is and it will end, and it will hurt, and I won't do it. I won't do it, and I won't...
[walks away crying]
Harvey Shine: [to waiter] Thank you.
[to Kate]
Harvey Shine: See? We're having together.
Kate Walker: No. We're having lunch next to each other.
Harvey Shine: Ah. By the way, Harvey - Harvey Shine.
Kate Walker: [shakes hand] Kate Walker. So, why aren't you at the wedding?
Harvey Shine: [notices vaccum] I knew there was something that was missing. I had to get back for work.
Kate Walker: What, for the job you just lost?
Harvey Shine: Yes, exactly.
Kate Walker: Did you enjoy it, the job?
Harvey Shine: Yes. No. Yes, originally.
Kate Walker: What was it?
Harvey Shine: I write jingles.
Kate Walker: Wow.
Harvey Shine: That's the normal response.
Kate Walker: [chuckles] Did you always want to write jingles, or was - was there something more?
[Harvey laughs]
Kate Walker: What?
Harvey Shine: No, no. I love it. You cut right through it. I like that.
Kate Walker: I'll take that as a compliment.
Harvey Shine: You should. I would have given anything to have been a jazz pianist.

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