Three female employees of the Federal Reserve plot to steal money that is about to be destroyed.

Nina Brewster: You spent the money!
Bridget Cardigan: What're you talking about?
Nina Brewster: [pulls off Bridget's glove revealing a $62,000 ring] This.
Bridget Cardigan: It's nothing, it's costume jewelry, it's not even real.
Nina Brewster: Really?
Bridget Cardigan: Yes.
Nina Brewster: Good!
[flushes it down the toilet]
Molly: That could be your savings account!
Bridget Cardigan: I don't think so, it has money in it.
[from trailer]
Barry: Unless you have a half-dozen very hard rectangular breasts, we need to talk.
Jackie Truman: [while hiding money in their panties] I'm going to have to buy some boring underwear!
[repeated line]
Glover: Everyone, everywhere, every minute.
Jackie Truman: Since I was 9, I knew for every day of the rest of my life I'd have to stick a needle in my arm. Early onset diabetes. But I didn't tell them.
[from trailer]
Nina Brewster: Do you know what it is when you trade sex for money?
Jackie Truman: Advertising!
Bridget Cardigan: We'll think outside the box!
Don Cardigan: Well that's good because we're selling the box and moving into a smaller box.
Bob Truman: Something about stuff on's even if you got the same stuff. The way they lay it out...makes you want. Wanting is the root of all uh, needing.
Bob Truman: They say money can't buy happiness but it sure as hell buys everything else.
Don Cardigan: Of course we had problems. Like where to put it all
Don Cardigan: .
Nina Brewster: She was out shopping. That's when the idea came to her, when she was out shopping, being a good American.
Counselor: People your age in the work force are usually considered real pains in the ass.
Bridget Cardigan: Are you aware that statement is discriminatory and illegal?
Counselor: See! And you don't even work for me.
Nina Brewster: I don't want things I can't have.
Bridget Cardigan: Do you live in America?
Bob Truman: Yea, well I wana see a lawyer. Donde my abogado.
Bridget Cardigan: Are you watching when everybody goes everywhere? I really hope so because maybe you can tell me why they can't use the facility in such a way as to keep everything in the facility.
Bridget Cardigan: [trying to assure Nina who are nervous about her sex abilities] It's like riding a bicycle... upside down.
Bryce Arbogast: You didn't pay taxes.
Nina Brewster: On stolen money?
Bryce Arbogast: I didn't hear that.
Bob Truman: You think I like thinking of my wife on her feet from 9 to 5 ripping off the government?
Bridget Cardigan: The yen is just going to have to take care of itself.
Bridget Cardigan: You remember that frontline we saw on third world slave labor?
Bridget Cardigan: Hey, seriously guys, grow up, ok? I'm not your personal maid.
Bridget Cardigan: We can't turn ourselves in, if we do, Nina loses her kids.
Nina Brewster: I'm a single mother, if anything happens, I lose my kids.
Bob Truman: The thing about a perfect machine though, you drop in one loose screw, and *bammm!*
Detective: Ah, Jesus!
Bridget Cardigan: Oh, who'd you pick for the playoffs?
Barry: What playoffs?
Don Cardigan: I am so far past statistical comfort.
Bridget Cardigan: You want to talk about this sweetie?
Don Cardigan: Why on earth would I want to talk about it? Its over!

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