The sadistic members of a villainous family return to their childhood home to terrorize the new home owners and their guests.

Mother: [From trailer] I'm proud of my boys, they never forget their momma.
Gina Jackson: Daniel, not all of us are going to make it. That's just a fact.
Izaak 'Ike' Koffin: I don't need my pants pressed Beth!
Mother: This is unacceptable. I swear, sometimes you boys are just little savages.
Mother: You didn't do anything wrong.
Addley Koffin: I didn't do anything wrong?
Mother: No. You did what had to be done. You did it for the family.
Mother: When my children were growing up, they occasionally misbehaved. What child doesn't, after all. But I taught them that their behavior had consequences. Not just for themselves, but also for their brothers and sister.
Gina Jackson: I'm really sorry.
Mother: You'll see, if you ever become a mother. Punishment is never easy. But if you want them to understand and respect the rules, you can never back down. You see, rules are what make order out of chaos. We must follow the rules.
Mother: I taught them to be strong... not weak like YOU!
Mother: My boys!
George Barnum: We gotta get him to the hospital!
Izaak 'Ike' Koffin: Well that's not gonna happen.
George Barnum: Look, he'll die if we don't.
Addley Koffin: If he does, he won't be the only one. Fix it.
Izaak 'Ike' Koffin: What's your name?
Daniel Sohapi: Daniel. Daniel Sohapi.
Addley Koffin: You don't look so happy to me.
Mother: That girls needs me just as much as I need her. It's a cruel world we live in. Especially for a woman. And she is not strong enough.
George Barnum: That's because you made her that way.
George Barnum: You know, none of them look like you. And they don't look alike. They're not even your kids.
Mother: [holding a knife to George's throat] Those children are mine! You have no idea what I've been through for them!
George Barnum: Let me guess, you're infertile.
Mother: Those children are everything to me!
Mother: We simply need a little time, and then we'll be out of your hair.
[looks at Dave]
Mother: No pun intended.
Treshawn Jackson: [to Daniel] If any of us die tonight, it's on you.
Lydia Koffin: Ike, that's not our house anymore.
Izaak 'Ike' Koffin: It is now.
[last lines]
Mother: [gently singing] Hush little babby, don't you cry. Momma's gonna sing you a lullaby.
Addley Koffin: Don't Dr. Phil me. I ain't here for you to understand.
Mother: [to Gina] God, defend me from my friends. My enemies I can handle on my own.
Gina Jackson: He's not our friend.
Addley Koffin: I've been put on pussy patrol!
Jonathan 'Johnny' Koffin: [shooting George] Momma said no lose ends
[looks at his brother for support]
Jonathan 'Johnny' Koffin: I did good right? I did good?
[Ike pecks his forehead]
Addley Koffin: [to Daniel] What are you doing in my house, pilgrim?
Addley Koffin: [sees police sketch of himself on TV] That's a terrible fucking sketch!
Izaak 'Ike' Koffin: [to Beth] Show me your camera smile.
Addley Koffin: You told me bark loud. Show them who's boss.
Mother: No. I said don't bark. Wait... and then bite.
George Barnum: So tell me about Queenie.
Lydia Koffin: She lives in the woods behind the house, and she punishes children who are bad. That's what Momma says, anyways.
George Barnum: Do you believe her?
Lydia Koffin: Not since I was small. But sometimes I still think I hear her.
George Barnum: There's nobody out there, Lydia. It's your mother trying to scare you.
Lydia Koffin: I know.
Beth Sohapi: You tortured your children with your demented rules!
Mother: Like I was taught!
Beth Sohapi: You taught them to be killers!
Mother: I taught them to survive.
George Barnum: [looking at pills] What are these?
Lydia Koffin: They're for my skin.
George Barnum: [tasting a pill] How long has she had you on these?
Lydia Koffin: My whole life. I don't even know what they're called.
George Barnum: They're called sugar.
Addley Koffin: [to Annette] I'll fuck the tough right out of you.
Addley Koffin: Winner winner chicken dinner!
Mother: Now George, it's important that you listen. I understand rage, but rage can get you killed. It can throw you off your focus, and you need to focus, George. Because if my son dies, then you die. And so will all your friends.
George Barnum: You understand this, lady. If you hurt anymore of my friends, I'm gonna let your baby boy die right in front of you.
Mother: You've got gumption. Good for you.
Izaak 'Ike' Koffin: I guess you just moved into the wrong house.
Addley Koffin: [after blowing Dave's head off] I am so sorry. I did not mean to do that.
[first lines]
Terry: Picture ID and sign in, please.
Treshawn Jackson: We can't just sit here and wait, hope for the best.
Mother: There's a reason for rules, Ike. I didn't teach you them because I like to hear myself talk. I teach them because they work!
Mother: My boys messed up. It's in their nature to huff and puff and wave things around and think that's being strong. But real strength... that's knowing where you stand, and guiding others to that position.
Izaak 'Ike' Koffin: Addley did what he did to protect the family, Beth. Just like you'd kill me to protect yours. Anyone can be a killer if they have to be. It's human nature.
Addley Koffin: I hate disco!
Treshawn Jackson: You can't be serious.
Addley Koffin: I'm as serious as a goddamn lynch mob.
Addley Koffin: This ain't recess!
Mother: Please get up, make yourselves comfortable.
Mother: [panting] If my family can't live in this house, you sure a hell can't either.
Mother: This is a private show for my boy.
Addley Koffin: You don't say hi to your big brother anymore? Why you look so scared? Did you see Queenie out there?
Lydia Koffin: Just shut up, Addley. I'm not five.
Beth Sohapi: I'm stronger than you think.
[takes another swing]
Mother: [to Annette when she is forced to have sex with Johnny] Stop your whining and do what you know how to do!
Jenna Luther: Put the fucking knife down!
[last lines]
Izaak 'Ike' Koffin: I'm gonna gut you... BITCH

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