A series of interconnected short films follows a washed-up producer as he pitches insane story lines featuring some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

Nathan: Hello, 9-1-1? My friend is bleeding out of her vagina! Why are you laughing at me?
Neil: How's your acid reflux?
Veronica: How's your HPV?
Neil: It's your HPV Veronica, I'm just carrying it.
Veronica: Let's not have another chicken or the egg debate, Neil.
Neil: No, lets. Chicken.
Veronica: Egg.
Neil: Chicken.
Veronica: Egg.
Neil: Chicken.
Veronica: Egg.
Neil: Chicken.
Veronica: Egg.
Neil: Chicken.
Veronica: Egg.
Neil: Chicken.
Veronica: Egg!
Neil: Your flesh, slick with cocoa butter, it haunts me.
Veronica: How's Veronica?
Neil: Veronica's fine, Veronica.
Veronica: I can't believe you named your dog Veronica.
Neil: I can't believe you sucked off that hobo for magic beans!
Veronica: He was a wizard, Neil!
Neil: Shh! I wanna be on you, in you. I wanna be allllllllllllll over your chin. Do you still like crème brûlée?
Veronica: Do you still like fingers in your butt hole?
Neil: You know the answer is yes.
Veronica: Neil.
Neil: Veronica.
Veronica: Neil. You look pale.
Neil: You look pregnant.
Veronica: You look like you slept in a soup kitchen urinal.
Neil: You look like you bathe in a dumpster behind the abortion clinic.
Veronica: You look like the kid who got cancer for Christmas.
Neil: You look like the slutty one on The Golden Girls.
Veronica: Dorothy?
Neil: Blanche.
Veronica: You take that back, you son of a bitch! You take it back! Take that back!
Neil: I wanna taste you. I wanna lick you until you weep.
Brian: You fucked my girlfriend, dude!
Pete: One time... for a week.
Fake Robin: Wait, let me get this straight. So you knew all the way back then? You knew that she was a dude?
Fake Batman: Whole time.
Fake Robin: Why did you make me kiss her? Him. It. This.
Fake Batman: I don't know. I guess I woke up this morning with a little case of the fuckarounds.
Arlene: Teenage boys are physically attracted to naked women.
Robert: Our research doesn't support that, sir.
Fake Batman: Excuse me, I'm gonna go do some batman-ing.
Robert: It's very important to us that Kevin has a normal and complete high school experience.
Robert: Hey, guys! Come check out this kid's weird pubes!
Narrator: They're not trying to take over your world, they're just trying to find a little place in your hearts. Remember, machines: they're full of kids.

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