A crime lord ascends to power and becomes megalomaniacal while a maverick police detective vows to stop him.

Nino Brown: [to G-Money] You fucked up. You fucked up big time. You're incapable of running this shit. *Sit* your five-dollar ass down, before I make change.
Nino Brown: I'm not guilty. *You're* the one that's guilty. The lawmakers, the politicians, the Columbian drug lords, all you who lobby against making drugs legal. Just like you did with alcohol during the prohibition. You're the one who's guilty. I mean, c'mon, let's kick the ballistics here: Ain't no Uzi's made in Harlem. Not one of us in here owns a poppy field. This thing is bigger than Nino Brown. This is big business. This is the American way.
Scotty Appleton: I wanna shoot you so bad, my dick's hard!
Nino Brown: I never liked you anyway, Pretty Motherfucka!
Nino Brown: Money talks, and bullshit runs a marathon. So, see ya and I wouldn't want to be ya.
Nino Brown: [Referring to his girlfriend] Cancel that bitch, I'll buy another one.
[last lines]
Old Man: Idolater! Your soul is required in hell!
[Shoots Nino]
Nino Brown: You gotta rob to get rich in the Reagan era.
Pooky: [sobbing] I tried to kick... but that shit just be callin' me man, it be callin' me, man... I just got to go to it!
Scotty Appleton: Man a drug dealer is the worst kind of brother. I mean, he won't sell it to his sister. He won't sell it to his mother, but he'll sell it to one a his boys on the street.
Nick Peretti: Drugs ain't a black thing, or a white thing. It's a death thing. Death don't give a shit about color.
[as Frankie Needles departs from a nightclub, Nick and Scottie stick him up]
Nick Peretti: Behind Door Number One, your head explodes like a melon!
Scotty Appleton: Behind door Number Two, you hook us up with Gee Money and get the prize, Nino Brown.
Nino Brown: You sound like this shit'll change the world.
G-Money: I don't know about all that change-the-world shit, but I do know they be going crazy over this. And the bitches... oh lord! Them bitches, they do anything for this, man! I had my jimmy waxed every day last week! You understand? Several times a day!
Nino Brown: [laughs] Get the fuck out of here! I know damn well ain't nobody sucked your shriveled-up dick.
G-Money: You trying to dis me?
Nino Brown: I'm just telling the truth. That's all I'm doing. Several times a day, my ass.
Nino Brown: [after the carter is shut down] A million dollar a week business reduce to fucking rubble!
Nino Brown: Am I my brother's keeper? Yes I am.
Scotty Appleton: [reading Pooky his rights] Anything you say can and will be used against you in a muthafuckin' court of law!
Scotty Appleton: I should have killed you myself, bitch!
Nino Brown: You cut a side deal with that motherfucker.
[G-Money opens his mouth, but Nino interrupts him]
Nino Brown: Yes, you did. Yes, you did, Gee. Fucking Cain. My brother's keeper. Was it this...
[takes crack pipe from him]
Nino Brown: ... glass dick you've been sucking on? Was that it? Now I see how you let that motherfucker infiltrate. He used you, Gee. What ever happened to, "Am I my brother's keeper?"
G-Money: [Sullenly] You know what happened to it. "The world is mine." Remember that? "Everything is mine. Everything!" Even my woman.
Nino Brown: Is that what this is about?
[about Uniqua]
Nino Brown: That fucking skeezer? You think I give a fuck about her? Fuck that ho bitch! I don't give a fuck about her!
G-Money: It ain't about her! It's about us. I love you, man.
[Nino turns his back on G-Money, making him angrier and angrier]
G-Money: You embarrassed me, man! In front of all them people, you treated me like I was soft. You treated me like I was spineless! We built this shit! You didn't do this shit by yourself! You forgot about me, man, your brother.
Nino Brown: What has this done to us? Keisha... dead. The Duh Duh Man... dead.
G-Money: Let's just make it like it was. Let's be a family. Let's make it like it was. Fuck them cars and them bitches and all that shit. Fuck that shit! Let's do us, me and you. Let's be a family again.
[Nino, in tears, hugs G-Money]
Nino Brown: I'm on the run. It can never go back the way it was.
[Nino kisses G-Money on the cheek]
Nino Brown: But I'll tell you how we can make it right.
[Nino shoves G-Money away and pulls out his gun; G-Money falls to his knees]
G-Money: CMB. CMB! We all we got!
[Nino grips his wrist in order to steady the gun he is holding]
G-Money: Am I my brother's keeper.
Nino Brown: [Grits his teeth] Yes I am!
[Nino shoots G-Money dead and for a brief moment turns the gun towards his own head, but stops himself]
Scotty Appleton: Operation's gone, Nino's loose, Pookie's dead. I got Pookie killed, man.
Nick Peretti: Cut out this self-pitying shit about you killing Pookie. If anyone killed him it was me. I could see it.
Scotty Appleton: How the hell you gonna to tell me you killed Pookie?
Nick Peretti: Do you remember when you said I didn't care? When what the hell was I doing at Pookie's funeral anyway? Remember? I used to be Pookie.
Scotty Appleton: How the hell you used to be Pookie?
Nick Peretti: I was poor white-trash Pookie. This whole drug shit, it's not a black thing, it's not a white thing. It's a death thing. Death don't give a shit about color. You don't have to like me. Hell, I don't even know if I like you. But we're in this together now, partner.
Scotty Appleton: You know, a drug dealer is the worst kind of brother. He won't sell it to his sister, he won't sell it to his mother. But he'll sell it to one of his boys in the street. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to kill Nino Brown. Are you with me?
Nick Peretti: I'm ahead of you.
[Scotty and Nick clink beer bottles]
Scotty Appleton: What? All he gets is a year? No, this ain't happening. I should have killed you myself, bitch.
Nino Brown: Well, that's the difference between you and me. Don't get mad, Tito. It's the *law*. Sucks, huh? Well, maybe when this is over with, you can come and work for me.
G-Money: I had my jimmy waxed every day last week!
Nino Brown: Yeah, we takin' over the Carter. We gon' bum rush the whole damn thing. Now if the tenants cooperate, oh, it'll be lovely. They'll be loyal customers, if not, fuck it, it'll be like in Beirut, they'll be live-in hostages.
G-Money: [talking to Uniqua] I knew I should've treated you like a hooker, you ain't nothing but a high-priced ho! Put Nino on the phone, bitch!
Nino Brown: Yo baby, we talkin' about combinating and consolidating, that's what's up!
[about a room used for freebasing]
Pooky: They call it the Enterprise Room, man, because it's for people who wanna be beamed up to Scotty.
Scotty Appleton: Yeah, yeah, yeah a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Now back to the titties.
Pooky: They got that shit hooked up like Mission Impossible, man!
Nick Peretti: Is this one of those black things?
Scotty Appleton: I don't know about you, man. But I'm ready to kill Nino Brown.
Pooky: Scottie, help me - I'm gonna die!
[peers into camera in despair]
G-Money: [talking to Duh Duh Man] Unadulterated! Would you please shut the fuck up before you have a seizure!

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