One day in New York City, as Jane Ryan tries out for an overseas college program and her sister Roxy schemes to meet her favorite punk rockers, a series of mishaps throws their day into ... See full summary¬†¬Ľ

Roxy Ryan: Come on you can poopy, just a little one.
Trey Lipton: Whoa... Is today my birthday?
Pierre Bouvier: [with David and Seb] Can't you just go somewhere on vacation. I'll book your flight and pack your bag if you want. A one way ticket out of my life, watching you fly away... I never liked you.
Jane Ryan: Just so we're clear, I'd like a more corporate bling.
Jane Ryan: Those were my best heels!
Roxy Ryan: Well now they're your best flats.
Jane Ryan: What am I going to do without my day planner?
Roxy Ryan: Ok, you need to relax.
Jane Ryan: Relax? How can I relax? My relaxation tips are in my day planner!
Bennie Bang: [on the phone] You took my chip.
Jane Ryan: Roxy, did you eat this man's chips?
Roxy Ryan: No.
Jane Ryan: You sure?
Roxy Ryan: I didn't eat his chips.
[to the phone]
Roxy Ryan: I didn't eat your chips.
Jane Ryan: She didn't eat your chips.
Bennie Bang: No, not chips. Chip. My microchip.
Roxy Ryan: [on the phone] Listen, we need that book back. So meet us outside the Plaza Hotel in 30 minutes, or... I will eat your chips.
Bennie Bang: Huh?
Jane Ryan: I don't believe you, it says it right here. There's gonna be another train.
Ticket Window Guy: How could I forget? It's the magic-leprechaun train. It leaves for New York whenever you want. Powered by your imagination.
Bennie Bang: There you are.
Roxy Ryan: Here I am.
Roxy Ryan: How exactly have you been looking out for me?
Jane Ryan: Are you insane? That's all I ever do. Ok, the one day, the one time I wanted to be about me for a change I get inducted into The Roxy Ryan School of Juvenile Delinquency!
Roxy Ryan: I have been trying to help you from the minute we left the house.
Roxy Ryan: A lot of good that's done.
Roxy Ryan: Where are you going? I'm not finished.
Jane Ryan: Yeah, well I am. Why don't you just go run along and have fun? That's what you're good at!
Roxy Ryan: As opposed to you? Just walking away whenever we start to have a real conversation.
Jane Ryan: I don't have time for a real conversation. I am too busy taking care of things!
Roxy Ryan: So who asked you to?
Jane Ryan: You did. The minute you stopped taking responsibility for anything since Mom died.
Roxy Ryan: That doesn't mean you get to be her replacement. You know what I miss most about Mom? That she loved that we were different! And you punish me for it. From the day Mom died you've done nothing but push me out of your life.
Jane Ryan: I have not.
Roxy Ryan: Oh, come on Jane. The biggest day of your academic career and you didn't even bother to invite me.
Jane Ryan: Well, forgive me for wanting the day to be about me for a change. I make honor roll and Dad doesn't notice because you're in detention! I'm elected captain of the cheerleading squad and Dad can't come to one game. One game! Because he's busy going to your parent-counsellor meetings. You want to know why I want this fellowship abroad? It's because it's 3,000 miles away from you.
Roxy Ryan: Well, I really hope you get it, then.
Jane Ryan: What are you doing? Right now, that dog is my life. And when he poops, his poop is my life.
Roxy Ryan: Nice blazer!... Muffie...

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