A secret agent loses his memory after falling from a crashing helicopter. He is then chased by a number of other agency operatives, but he has no idea why.

Who Am I?: Who Am I?
Morgan's hitman: You've got two choices. Give us the disk and jump off.
Morgan's Hitman: Or number two, we take the disk and throw you off.
Who Am I?: I like the third choice: I keep the disk, and I throw you both off.
Morgan: [answering the phone] Who is it?
Who Am I?: No, it's Who am I?
Who Am I?: I may have amnesia, but I'm not stupid!
Morgan's hitman: Game's over, let's finish him!
Who Am I?: The children thank you.
Christine Stark: What did you do with the disc?
Who Am I?: My father also told me, "respect nature"
[throws the disc over the bridge]
Who Am I?: I dropped it somewhere.
[repeated line]
Morgan: Trust no-one!
Who Am I?: Why do you want to destroy life, when you can make it better?
Who Am I?: [Stomps the feet of a thug who had repeatedly stomped his feet, and the thug screams in pain] Feels good?
Who Am I?: My father also told me to be kind to nature.
[destroys the disk containing the formula of the meteorite info]

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