A German Jewish refugee family moves to and adjusts to a farm life in 1930s Kenya.

Max: One person always loves more. That's what makes it so difficult. And the one who loves more is vulnerable.
Jettel Redlich: I can't buy anything. I'm as poor as a monkey.
Female merchant by the train: [handing her a banana] For the monkey.
[Discussing that Walter wants to go back to Germany]
Walter Redlich: It's not that I don't like the English, it's more... That they don't like me.
Colonel: Well, they don't like me either! I'm Scottish.
Jettel Redlich: Tolerance doesn't mean that everyone is the same. That'd be stupid. What I've learned here is how valuable differences are. Differences are good. And intelligent people will never hold it against you.
Walter Redlich: Everything I love is on this bed.
Jettel Redlich: Do you love me?
Walter Redlich: If you let me.
Walter Redlich: I'm proud to be an idealist because it shows that I believe in mankind. That may sound naive but every other belief will lead to destruction.
Walter Redlich: [petting a stray dog] We'll call him Rummler, like the Nazi chairman in Leobschutz. Everyday we can say Rummler, you bastard, and nobody will arrest us!
Jogona as an adult: Are Mzungas like you still allowed to climb trees?
Regina: Yes. But only when they don't dirty their school uniform.
Jettel Redlich: Do you think people should stay together for their whole life?
Walter Redlich: I guess not. It's probably just some nonsense which our ancestors persuaded us to adopt.
Walter Redlich: This country saved our lives, but it isn't our country!

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