After spending the night together on the night of their college graduation Dexter and Em are shown each year on the same date to see where they are in their lives. They are sometimes together, sometimes not, on that day.

Emma: Whatever happens tomorrow, we had today.
Emma: I love you, Dex, so much. I just don't like you anymore. I'm sorry.
Ian: She made you decent, and in return you made her so happy, so happy, and I will always be grateful to you for that.
Emma: I'm not lonely, I'm alone.
Emma: If I can't talk to you, then what is the point of you? Of us?
Dexter: If I could give you just one gift, do you know what it would be? Confidence. That or a scented candle.
Emma: I got to know you. You cured me of you.
Emma: If you muck me about, Dexter, lead me me on, or let me down, or go behind my back, I will murder you.
Dexter: [referring to the back of her bathing suit] It's scooped a bit low isn't it?
Emma: Good job I didn't put it on backwards.
Emma: A tortilla is either corn or wheat. But a corn tortilla folded and filled is a taco, whereas a filled wheat tortilla is a burrito. Deep fry a burrito, it's a chimichanga. Toast a tortilla, it's a tostada. Roll it, it's an enchilada.
Emma: Your wedding invitations are scented?
Dexter: Lavender.
Emma: No, Dex, money. They smell of money.
Emma: Welcome to the graveyard of ambition.
Dexter: I'd still like to read that poetry. What rhymes with Dexter?
Emma: Prick. It's a half rhyme.
Emma: That's a very serious face. You're not having a wee, are you?
Emma: Either you are on coke or you got dysentery, either way ITS BORING!
Emma: I didn't mean to call your dad a fascist.
Dexter: A bourgeois fascist.
Emma: Yeah, I'm sorry.
Emma: I'll only be a minute. No playing with yourself while I'm gone.
Emma: My hair smells like cheese - Monterey Jack.
Ian: Call the bloody police! It's my flat too!
Emma: Is it? I paid the mortgage! You just sat around farting and watching the bloody Wrath of Khan!
Dexter: Come on, everyone's lost at 25.

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