Every man has a different recollection of the beautiful young woman who wreaked havoc on their lives during one heated night.

Randy: There's the ten-thousand dollars... well, aren't you gonna count it?
Mr. Burmeister: Nah.
Randy: You trust me?
Mr. Burmeister: No, but I kill people.
[first lines]
Bingo Caller: N-43. Four-three on the N.
[last lines]
Carl: Thank you, Go...
Carl: Yes, I have this great job, and this great office, and this great family, and this great house...
Dr. Green: How does this make you feel?
Carl: Empty
Detective Dehling: How can I not question our creator for putting this human obscenity into the presence of such a divine creature?
Randy: You like water?
Jewel: I love it. It's actually my second favorite thing in the world.
Randy: Really? And what's your first most?
Jewel: Fucking.
Detective Dehling: Why would God fill me with this desire if I wasn't meant to be with her?
[justifying why he doesn't want to buy a car]
Randy: Do you know that it's safer to fly then it is to drive a car?

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