Julian, a drug-smuggler thriving in Bangkok's criminal underworld, sees his life get even more complicated when his mother compels him to find and kill whoever is responsible for his brother's recent death.

Julien: [to Chang] Want to fight?
Julien: It's a little more complicated than that, mother.
Crystal: Meaning what, exactly?
Julien: Billy raped and killed a sixteen year old girl.
Crystal: I'm sure he had his reasons.
Crystal: So, tell me, Mai. What line of work are you in?
Mai: I'm an entertainer.
Crystal: An entertainer? And how many cocks can you entertain with that cute little cum-dumpster of yours?
Billy: Time to meet the devil.
Chang: [in Thai] Why did you kill him?
Choi Yan Lee: [in Thai] Because he murdered my daughter!
Chang: [in Thai] You knew what your daughter was doing. Why didn't you stop her?
Choi Yan Lee: [in Thai] How else was I to make ends meet? I have four daughters and no sons. What else was I supposed to do? Don't you understand? My daughter's just been murdered!
[Chang silently approaches]
Chang: [in Thai] This isn't about your dead daughter. It's about your three living daughters. This is to make sure you never forget them.
Kim: [in Thai] Remember, girls, no matter what happens... keep your eyes closed. And you men... take a good look.
Crystal: [to Julian] When I was pregnant with you... it was strange. You were different. They wanted me to terminate... but I wouldn't. And you're right. I don't understand you.
Crystal: And I never will.
Mai: Why do you let her treat you like that?
Julien: [grabs her by the throat] 'Cause she's my mother. Now if you don't want that dress, take it off.
[first lines]
Julien: [in Thai] Go.
Chang: [in Thai] You can't see what is good for you.
[takes hold of Byron]
Chang: [in Thai] So it's better you don't see.
[gouges Byron's eyes]
Billy: I'm looking for a girl. A young girl. I want to fuck a fourteen year old.
[last lines]
Crystal: Billy was my first son. We had a very special relationship. Julian was so jealous. It was like he was cracked or something. He had paranoid delusions about us. And it pains me to say this to you, as it would pain any mother, but he killed his own father with his bare hands. That's why he had to get out of America. He's a very dangerous boy.
Crystal: And what with Billy being the older brother and having a bigger cock... Julian's was never small, but Billy's was... oh, it was enormous!
Billy: Are they women?
Choi Yan Lee: Yeah, 50 percent.

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