Young orphan Gilly (Klein) finds out his lover Jo (Graham) may actually be his biological sister. After they break up he discovers he's not related and travels across the country to stop ... See full summary¬†¬Ľ

Mr. Campisi: Pancakes. Pancakes. Pancakes.
Valdine: Old R2D2 couldn't keep it in his pants back then. And now he can't even wipe his own ass.
Walter: Do you know what the Bible says about fucking your own sister? Don't.
Walter: I'm surprised she didn't give up the sausage and become a vagina-tarian.
Jimmy Mitchelson: He wants to marry his sister.
Freddy: He better not come back.
Jimmy Mitchelson: Yeah, that's right, or we'll tie you to a tree, fuck you in the ass while we jerk you off. Show you what we really do to perverts around here.
Larry Falwell: I mean this is the kinda think that makes a man wanta bludgeon his family and go on a three-day drunk.
Gilbert Noble: That's pretty serious talk, Larry. Maybe you should be speaking to a professional about these things.
Larry Falwell: You mean a hit man? Now, that's the easiest way to get caught. Unless you did it?
Gilbert Noble: I was talking about a shrink, Larry.
Larry Falwell: Get real... that's for crazy people.
Indian Man: In My Country, for Violating sacred beast you get beaten to death with bamboo stick.
Valdine: Sweet Lord. You ponied your sister.
Walter: I thought I told you to get a haircut.
Valdine: Oh, give Gilly a break, he's been through a lot.
Walter: Yeah, including his own sister.
Dig McCaffrey: Well, ship my ass to big Red China. They want the white boy.
Dig McCaffrey: Now, be a friend and fetch my getaway sticks, daddy.
Gilbert Noble: Your what?
Dig McCaffrey: My legs, captain. My legs.
Gilbert Noble: Oh, shit.
Dig McCaffrey: Less feces, more fetchin'. Get over here and get it, boy.
Josephine Wingfield: Would you like the standard bikini wax?
Mrs. Hartunian: Oh, no. I'm going to Hawaii with my husband. Better landscape the whole yard.
Dig McCaffrey: Jack Mitchelson got millions from his daddy. He's what we call a multi-millionaire. And in my experience, women like dead presidents more than broke boyfriends. No romance without finance, daddy.
Gilbert Noble: Jo, listen. I got great news. I, uh - I found Leon. I found Leon, and I got him dead to rights.
Josephine Wingfield: That's great, Gilly. Now, why don't you just pull your arm out of Leon's butt, and we'll take a drive to the hospital.
Mr. Murphy: Oh me and my wife had a great sex life, we use to have sex once a week. but then she died... then it was 3 or 4 times a week.
Dig McCaffrey: Listen. I would've sprung you sooner, but after I ate all that weed, it took me two days just to pass the stems.
Mr. Campisi: Hey, are you the pancake guy?
Streak: You got any naked pictures of your sister?
Gilbert Noble: Of course not.
Streak: Wanna buy some?
Larry Falwell: You know what it feels like when newspapers call you the boss of a sister fucker? The whole damn town thinks I'm runnin' a "sisterfuckeria."

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