Shepard Smith — American Journalist born on January 14, 1964,

David Shepard Smith Jr., known better as Shepard Smith or Shep Smith, is an American television news anchor. He is the former host of Fox Report with Shepard Smith and Studio B weekdays on Fox News Channel. In October 2013, Smith became the host of Shepard Smith Reporting as well as the managing editor of Fox News Channel's Breaking News Division... (wikipedia)

We are America; we don't torture. And the moment that is not the case, I want off the train.
We don't communicate in full sentences anyway. We don't need all those words.
I'm not a liberal elite who was educated in the northeast, for example, I'm just a kid from Mississippi.
I take the subway to work. I love mass transportation.
I'm a journalist, I run to the fire, that's what we do.

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