In this sitcom, Charlie, who takes Mike Flaherty's place in later years, is the Deputy-Mayor of New York City, and his team of half-wits must constantly save the Mayor from embarrassment and the media.

James: Each year my mom makes a candy Nativity scene.
[Carter walks by]
James: Chocolate Jesus.
Carter: James, at work, just call me Carter.
Paul: I can't seem to get Claudia pregnant. Every night she's on my back riding me.
Mike: I think I've zeroed in on your problem.
Stuart: I remember the first time I got mugged. It was by a woman. She came up to me, made small talk, put her hand in my pocket, and made off with my wallet.
James: That's horrible!
Stuart: I've paid more to get less.
Stacey: Carter, act like my boyfriend.
Carter: Sorry, I don't have time to buy a Camaro and alienate your parents.
[a woman is making a pass at Carter]
Carter: Your heterosexual powers have no effect on me.
Caitlin: Mike, believe it or not, the whole universe does not revolve around you.
Mike: Are you calling my mom a liar?
Mike: My grandmother thought that a homosexual was a person who slept with one person their whole life. We were gonna let it slide but she kept telling the mailman she was a homosexual.
[Caitlin kissed Mike when there was turbulence]
Mike: I get it. So whenever you're scared, you make out with guy nearest to you. Someday, you're going to make some mugger really happy.
[the Mayor is about to meet the President]
Mayor Winston: What if I slap him?
Caitlin: Why would you slap him?
Mayor Winston: Well, you know, you tell yourself, "Don't slap the President, don't slap the President."
[locked in Paul's trunk]
Caitlin: I know you would enjoy this.
Mike: What are you taking about? I am not enjoying this!
Caitlin: Yes you are. I can feel "it."
Mike: That's a tire iron.
Caitlin: I don't care what sick name you call it! Get it off me!
[Pulls out a tire iron]
Mike: See.
Caitlin: Ok. Then what is "that!
Mike: Ok. I am a little excited.
Nikki: [on the phone] No, mom, I'm not a lesbian. What? No, mom! I'm not a lesbian! I sleep with men. I sleep with lots of men. I'm a slut for God's sake!
[Stuart is making fun of Carter's boyfriend, who is a boxer]
Mike: That's right, Stuart. Taunt the professional ass kicker.
Mayor Winston: [to Mike, after a picture of Mike kissing Heidi Klum's butt appears on the front page of a newspaper] That used to be my ass, Flaherty.
Nikki: [on the phone] I'm sorry I scared you mother. It was a simple, run-of-the-mill orgasm.
Mike: Anybody read this? Bingo died.
Karen: Ohh! Who's Bingo?
Mike: Only the city's most decorated police dog.
Nikki: Oh, yeah, right. He pulled that drowning kid out of the reservoir.
James: And didn't he sniff out 10 kilos of cocaine at La Guardia?
Mike: Yeah. Poor little guy didn't sleep for weeks after that.
Mayor Winston: Mike, look out that window. We preside over the greatest city in the world.
Mike: Sir, that's New Jersey.
Stuart: Big 3-0, huh? It's the perfect age. You can date college girls *and* their mothers.
Heidi Klum: We have a saying in Germany. It is better to have loved and lost than to engage in a land war with Russia in the winter.
[Mike is on TV]
Mike: I can't believe that's me.
Mayor Winston: Oh, I know ALL about that. You're here talking, but you're there talking... tricky.
Mike: There are 10 commandments. I'd like your dates to check out on at least 7 of them.
Mike: Look at Dick Clark. Not a grey hair on his head and he's as popular now as he was 100 years ago.
Caitlin: I'm gonna run this campaign, I'm gonna win it and you can't stop me.
Mike: Let's not get so dramatic, okay? This is not some cheesy soap opera.
Mike: My friend Sebastian saw you at a dance club Friday night.
Stacey: How'd he know it was me
Mike: You had your tongue in his mouth
Paul: If this gets out then I'll be the laughingstock of the city!
Stuart: Oh that ship has sailed.
[James has been told to look after the Mayor's daughter]
Stuart: Hey Mike. I'm free. Why don't you let me look after the Mayor's daughter?
Mike: The same reason they don't give guns to monkeys.
Stuart: [to Mike, after a picture of Mike kissing Heidi Klum's butt appears on the front page of a newspaper] What did Heidi Klum's butt taste like?
Mayor Winston: I am not a child, and I *will not* be treated like one!
Charlie: Sir, you forgot your shoes.
Mayor Winston: I don't care.
Paul: I'm getting sued for being shot in the head?
Charlie: It says you're involved in the war against pornography.
Stuart: No, that's 'the war on the war' against pornography.
Charlie: I thought that was a typo!
[the staff is concerned that the mayor may cheat on his wife]
Mike: All right, everybody huddle up, close your eyes, I want to paint you a mental picture; the mayor is very vulnerable tonight, there are a lot of reporters here tonight, and also in attendance is a woman I will refer to simply as "The Shark", whereas the Mayor is like an older, slow-moving sea lion.
Stuart: [French accent] I will stay aboard the Calypso, while my assistant, Mike, dive into the ocean to join in the life and death struggle between the shark and the noble sea lion.
[On erections]
Nikki: Can't you guys control those things?
Stuart: Not always.
Mike: You can scold it, or smack it around a little bit. That only seems to encourage it.
Nikki: I am fascinated.
James: Sometimes all it takes is a thought, memory... sometimes all it takes is a slight breeze.
Mike: Stuart, what makes someone a hero?
Stuart: I'd have to go with x-ray vision.
Stuart: Oh take it outta hyper-gay!
Paul: You know, I suck up to you until I'm out of suck and I'm out of up, and what do you do? You come in, you take my office! Why don't you say we switch roles for a minute, okay? How bout you kiss *my* ass for a while?
Mike: Now, I don't want to hear any excuses.
Stuart: You sure? 'Cause I've been saving the doozy. It starts out as an excuse but I end up blaming James.
Deirdre: [to Carter] I have three words for you: Dog. Butt. Firecracker!
Mike: I know you think you have all the answers, but believe me, you need what I have up here.
Caitlin: What, half a bottle of mousse?
[Paul has just got kicked out by his mother]
Carter: Oh, to be cast out to the world at the tender age of 40.
Holly: I don't have the patience to ask you again. Leave me alone or I'll have you terminated.
Stuart: You can't fire me.
Holly: I meant killed.
Mike: Why don't you like me anymore?
Nikki: I don't want to talk to you about this. You're just going to confuse me. You're too charming, you're too smart, you're too clever.
Mike: I can change.
James: How many women have you slept with?
Stuart: Roughly...
James: I don't care *how* you did it, you sicko.
Roberta: Mr. Mayor, would you consider marching in the Gay Pride Parade this week?
Mayor Winston: What, are you drunk?
Mike: I know the German word for constipation, which I believe is farfrompoopin.
Janelle Cooper: [after beating Stewart in Air Hockey] Stewart, here's the fax you've been waiting for. And a message from Roberta in payroll. Oh, and I almost forgot. I also have your pride, self-respect, and what's left of your manhood.
Carter: You should get that back. Might need that someday.
Deirdre: All right Blondie, listen up, here's the rules. You stay away from my man, or you and I are going to be co-starring in a play I like to call, "Deirdre the Prison Guard".
Caitlin: No offense, but I'm not interested in your man, so why don't you just march those $12 pumps back to the trailer park and whip up some dinner for cousin dad?
Drew West: So, Randy... what's your favorite sexual position?
Mayor Winston: Well, that's really not any of your business. However, I hear yours is "Man on top, woman in magazine."
Mike: This is like a step back in time!
Owen Kingston: Though men like us look to the future.
Mike: Hey, that is it. I'm officially taking down the suggestion box. "Wisconsin Rules!" is not a suggestion.
James: I know, I just wanted to hear someone else say it. Wisconsin Rules!
Nikki: Oh, Stuart, one day you're going to make some woman very, very unhappy.
Stuart: I take my coffee the way I take my women.
Stacey: Are you sure you want to pay 75 bucks for a cup of coffee?
Stuart: If that woman ever shows her face again, I will unleash a punishment upon her she cannot even fathom.
Carter: What are you gonna do? You gonna date her?
Mayor Winston: New York City, this is the mayor. I have been stolen.
Mayor Winston: Did you know that when I was in college, I made a student film?
Mike: Really?
Mayor Winston: The Yale Daily News called it "an incoherent mess".
[Mike suspects he's cursed]
Mike: Your grandmother does have special powers, does she?
Stacey: No.
Mike: She can't place a hex or a curse on somebody, can she?
Stacey: She can place a curse, but she can't fly.
Carter: If the Deputy Mayor speaks in his office, and there are no cameras to hear, does he make a sound?
Mike: I had sex with this woman, Kevin. And she wants to get pregnant. She kidnapped my "guys"! And she put them in the freezer!
Kevin: That old story.
Mike: God is for weekends, sir. He's like Michelob.
Mike: Can you believe this guy?
Carter: No. He has absolutely crossed the line. Who are we talking about?
Mike: Stealing someone's fiancée. Priceless.
Ashley: We shouldn't have culturally insensitive sex.
[after Carter's dog electrocuted himself by licking a lamp socket]
Mike: That had to hurt.
James: Can men do this?
Mike: Men, yes. You, no.
Charlie: Sir. You called me Charlie!
Mayor Winston: Ah, don't let it go to your head, Mike!
Charlie: I couldn't face have lost my father, and I runaway from my home. I lived alone, without my family, but, I lived many adventures, and I have many friends.
Psychologist: Well Charlie, that's very interesting.
Caitlin: Of course it is, it's The Lion King!
[why Mike's not interested in kissing her after she is 2 hours late home]
Mike: By 9.30, well, something had built up. Let's call it... tension. And you know me... I'm a problem solver!
Nikki: Oh... Mike!
Claudia Sacks Lassiter: You are the man with the rose at a table away from the bathroom? I missed you, Paulie!
Paul: Oh Claudia, I missed you too!
Claudia Sacks Lassiter: I missed you more!
Paul: Oh no, I don't think that's possible, you don't know my capacity for missing somebody!
Claudia Sacks Lassiter: Well I couldn't even concentrate!
Paul: That's nothing! I couldn't sleep!
Claudia Sacks Lassiter: I couldn't eat!
Paul: Really? How did you stay alive?
Mike: Nothing gets done without me knowing.
Caitlin: I fired James.
Mike: Touché
[Stuart visits Carter at his gym. Carter is wearing a headband]
Stuart: Hey carter, is that headband to keep the bald out of your eyes?
Stuart: This is New York. You can't swing a mesh tank top without hitting a gay guy.
Stuart: Nice dress Nikki. Who are you gonna meet - Felicity?
Nikki: You actually watch Felicity?
Stuart: Not since she cut her hair.
Mike: As my assistant, occasionally you may need to assist me.
Jennifer Duncan: [Charlie and Jennifer finish watching a report about each other] I better get going.
Charlie: Okay... Have you seen my boxers?
Jennifer Duncan: [Jennifer gets out of bed] Oh, yeah, I'm wearing them.
Charlie: Okay.
Jennifer Duncan: [looks around the room] Have you seen my thong?
[Charlie looks under the blankets to discover he is wearing it and sadly nods]
Mayor Winston: Are you sure this is the best title for my autobiography? "Winston On Winston"?
Mike: Hey, as long there aren't two guys on the cover, I think we're okay.
[Carter tires of giving dating advice]
James: Nikki asked me to get her a drink. What should I bring her?
Carter: I don't know... a drink?
James: She said to surprise her.
Carter: Serve it to her naked.
Paul: You know, I've been allergic to cats all my life, but at the pet morgue, nothing. Turns out I'm not allergic to dead cats.
Carter: Then you should definitely get one.
Caitlin: I'm gonna take you down to the park, take off all your clothes, and... smear you with honey.
James: Stewart, I don't feel well. Knowing about Mike's mom and the Mayor is killing me.
Stuart: James, secrets are power. You get something good like this, you sit on it. Right now, you leak it, it's just office gossip that makes everyone uncomfortable, BUT, in 20 years when Mike's running for President, this little gem gets me an ambassadorship to Sweden.
James: What do I get?
Stuart: Topless postcard from Sweden!

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