Casey Ryback hops on a Colorado to LA train to start a vacation with his niece. Early into the trip, terrorists board the train and use it as a mobile HQ to hijack a top secret destructive US satellite.

[Ryback has been revealed as the intruder, supposedly dead]
Penn: When she shot the intruder, did you see the body?
Mercenary #1: No, just a shit load of blood, and I figured if you get run over by a train...
[Penn smacks Merc 1 hard]
Penn: [slow and menacing] Did... you... see... the body?
Mercenary #1: I ASSUMED he was DEAD!
Penn: Assumption is the MOTHER of all fuck ups!
Travis Dane: I not only INVENTED Grazer, I've UPDATED it to use part of the electromagnetic spectrum ATAC is only DIMLY aware of.
David Trilling: [referring to the transmitter] What the hell is that?
Travis Dane: As long as we're moving, the signal is completely transparent. AS you can see, we're on a choo-choo. No stop signs for six hours. ATAC would KILL to get a hold of this technology. In fact, I'm sure they'll try.
Travis Dane: just as well underground, underwater...
Travis Dane: I not only designed the SYSTEM, I designed the BLOCKS!
Captain Linda Gilder: What are you doing, Dane?
Travis Dane: I'm hacking into ATAC, Linda.
[pulls out a second keyboard]
Travis Dane: Now. Watch this!
[types both codes into both keyboards, successfully]
Travis Dane: It's MINE again!
[Ryback has Dane at gunpoint]
Travis Dane: [gleefully] Shooting me won't do any good. ATAC can't get past my ghost satellites and YOU can't get past my encrypted program.
Casey Ryback: You mean to tell me there's no way I can just shut that off?
Travis Dane: [boastfully] No way!
[Ryback shoots the laptop, the bullet passes through and hits Dane. ATAC Resumes control of the satellite]
Travis Dane: I Never thought of that.
[falls out of the train]
Mercenary #1: You know, I never considered myself a vicious person. But you, you're like a fucking cockroach! So what do you do when the little bastard shows himself? You squash him, right? Get what I'm trying to say to you here bus boy?
Bobby Zachs: I'm a porter, not a bus boy.
Mercenary #1: [laughing] Okay, Mister porter. You got balls, man. So I'm gonna let you decide, okay? You wanna see it coming... or do you wanna turn around?
Bobby Zachs: [seeing Ryback come in] Hey... you wanna help me out here, man?
Merc # 3: Empty your pockets. I said empty your goddamn pockets right now!
Bobby Zachs: All right, all right, all right man. I'm just a kid, man, c'mon I'm just a kid! I'm trying to tell you, I lost it down there, I ripped my pocket, everything fell out. The only thing I've got in my pocket, man, is your ASS!
[shoots him]
Mercenary # 2: [hearing the shot from a distance] Porter checked!
Travis Dane: [Dane is looking through Ryback's palm-pilot] Ryback's tactics.
Penn: Ryback?
Travis Dane: That's what is says... Ryback.
Mercenary # 2: Casey fuckin' Ryback?
Mercenary #1: Jesus Christ.
Travis Dane: Who's Casey fucking Ryback?
Penn: Casey Ryback is a former SEAL Team captain. And a *counter-terrorism expert*.
Mercenary #1: He was my instructor at Fort Bragg.
Mercenary # 2: He's the *best there is*.
Travis Dane: I thought *you* were the best there is, Penn.
Helicopter pilot: [thinking that the porter was just thrown from the chopper] Honey, you sure taught that boy how to fly.
Bobby Zachs: [falsetto] Oh, we sure did, honey! So now what we're going to do is we're gonna keep this chopper right here, OK. Or I'm going to blow your MOTHERFUCKING BRAINS OUT! You got that? Honey?
Travis Dane: Now this is where the shit really starts to fly. A fertilizer plant in Guangzhou.
Penn: A fertilizer plant?
Travis Dane: Yeah, I'm gonna shock the world by spreading ca-ca all over the place. Guangzhou is a chemical weapons plant masquerading as a fertilizer plant. We know this. The Chinese know that we know. But we make-believe that we don't know and the Chinese make-believe that they believe that we don't know, but know that we know. Everybody knows.
David Trilling: They said you were dead.
Travis Dane: Yeah, very restful, no phone calls. Now you two have been *very naughty*. ATAC has *strict* rules about employees becoming involved with each other.
David Trilling: Is that what this is about?
Travis Dane: Ugh, yeah, right! I uh... FAKED my own death and *hijacked a passenger train* because *I* care about who YOU'RE FUCKING! No, I was just wondering what other *rules* you might be willing to break.
[Penn has a knife to Dane's nose]
Penn: You let *me* handle Ryback. And *you* take care of the techno-shit. He's mine. I'll take him myself hand-to hand.
Travis Dane: [to the computer] C'mon my little Ghost Satellites. I need you with me to hide my baby up there, so she can blow the *fuck out of Washington.*
Travis Dane: [to Penn] Yeah, go get your throat ripped out. I've got 8 million people to kill and a billion dollars to pick up.
Holy Mercenary: Ryback's hitting the hostage cars.
Penn: [livid] RRRRRRRRYBACK!
Casey Ryback: Nobody beats me in the kitchen.
Penn: F-117s. Stealths.
Travis Dane: Oh good, they found us! Casey *Fucking* Ryback!
[Ryback and Penn started to fight with the knives and after a few seconds Ryback cuts Penn's coat]
Penn: Fuck, you ruined my coat...
Travis Dane: [Dane just popped on the screens at ATAC with a Parisian background behind him] Bonjour guys. Comment allez-vous?
Travis Dane: Who the hell is that?
Gen. Cooper: Jesus Christ!
Travis Dane: Uh, not quite, General Cooper. Although, I have sort of risen from the dead! No, it's just your old friend Travis Dane. You remember. They guy you FIRED!
David Trilling: [Trilling just revealed his code, Gilder glares at him] He can't use the code.
Captain Linda Gilder: [angrily] Why do you think he's doing this, David?
David Trilling: Because he's crazy.
Travis Dane: You can argue that point later. NEXT! Are we up for this?
David Trilling: [Female Merc is bringing the hot needle steadily closer to Trilling's eye] You can't hack into the system. There are quadruple blocks. Linda, even if you could, the codes need to be entered simultaneously. There's not enough power here. you've seen the size of the ATAC generators. C'mon it's impossible! You know that! The codes, they're different now. They're no good for anything. He can't use them!
David Trilling: [the needle is almost touching his eye] Linda! For God's sake, please, GIVE HIM THE CODE! GIVE... HIM... THE... CODE! AHHH! AHHH! AHHH!
Captain Linda Gilder: E U I 4 7 6!
Penn: [to Sarah Ryback] You know I have never been afraid of anybody. But that uncle of you scares me... and I like it.
Travis Dane: They fired me! Broke into my lab! Confiscated EVERYTHING! Told me the technology was NON-ESSENTIAL! Well they WANTED it! They're gonna *GET IT*!
Lady Hostage: [distracting the Merc] I broke my bra!
[Ryback kills the Merc]
Casey Ryback: Tits to die for, huh?
Travis Dane: [as he prepares to blow up a Chinese chemical plant] Poison gas, chemical fire, total devastation for a one hundred mile radius... thousands of people are going to die.
Travis Dane: 300,000 pages of code. Or 60 minutes of triple-X rubber-and-leather bondage porno. Technology can be used for beauty, or debasement. And until you plug it in, you'll just never know.
[Puts the CD-ROM in the drive]
Travis Dane: Oh, oh! I seem to have brought up targeting codes.
[preparing the satellite for an attack on China]
Travis Dane: Now pay close attention, Mr. Penn. I'm about to make the Bophal disaster look like a Girl Scout picnic!
Lady Hostage: [whispering to Sarah, about the mercenaries] Who are they looking for?
Sarah Ryback: [whispering back] Me!
Travis Dane: You're entering into another dimension, not only of sight or sound but of mind. There's a signpost up ahead. Your next stop? Dark Territory!
[He has just activated the switch up ahead]
Travis Dane: Who says I have a one-track mind?
David Trilling: [Startled by railroad torpedoes exploding outside] What was that?
Captain Linda Gilder: It is called an orgasm.
Mercenary # 2: Check the baggage!
[Mercenary 3 shoots up the baggage]
Merc # 3: Baggage checked!
[addressing the passengers by videophone]
Travis Dane: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. This is your captor speaking. There's been a slight change in your travel plans tonight. You have, you will note, been moved to the last two cars of the train for your own well-being. First, I'd like to call your attention to the highly trained men with the automatic weapons in your cars. In the event of an emergency, they may be called upon to shoot you. Your safety IS our primary concern. However, if you try anything stupid, Federal Regulations require that I kill you. So please, no hero shit!
Travis Dane: [Dane figures out how to stop the Stealths] Turbulence. If it moves, Grazer can see it.
[goes to the computer and starts hitting keys]
Travis Dane: They disturb the air as they fly through it. Low altitude turbulence, that's how you find these things.
[Two blips appear onscreen]
Travis Dane: There you are.
Travis Dane: Stealths. I can target these.
Penn: Ryback's gone, Dane.
Travis Dane: Did you see the body? Assumption is the mother of all FUCK UPS!
David Trilling: I'll never... give you the code.
Travis Dane: Our psychological profile on you says you will. However, if you wish to prove that profile incorrect, watch closely as an intensly hot needle penetrates the lens of one of the most beautiful eyes in the world. The needlepoint will pass through the lens with, very little difficulty. The heat will cauterize and seal the wound, but will continue to transfer heat into the fluid of the eye. The fluid comes to a boil, and the eyeball itself... explodes.
David Trilling: J B N... 1, 2 1.
[Ryback comes into the bar car and sees Sarah sitting in the corner with a glass]
Casey Ryback: Hi. Um, I was just wondering what the girl in the corner there was drinking?
Kelly, Barmaid: You mean the little girl with the tonic and lime, and the bad I.D.?
Casey Ryback: That's the one.
Sarah Ryback: You take one more step and I'm dropping this grenade.
Travis Dane: Ok... then drop it.
Casey Ryback: [after spotting the terrorists from the kitchen car, and reentering from the pantry and seeing spilled blood] Now, this I'm trained for!
[aiming at the hijackers]
Bobby Zachs: Ok, safety off...
[he fires at them, they return fire]
Mercenary #1: It's that fuckin' porter.
[Repeated line]
Travis Dane: Chance favors the prepared mind.
[checking the passenger list and finding out that Ryback has a fellow traveler]
Penn: +1. It could be his girl or a child.
Travis Dane: Maybe it's wife or something.
Penn: Man doesn't call his wife +1.
Travis Dane: So, what? We're looking for some babe?
Penn: Some bait.
Bobby Zachs: I shouldn't have got back on this fuckin' train.
Penn: Not mace, sweetheart. Pepper spray. Sold to civilians.
[snatches canister from Sarah]
Penn: But once you get used to it...
[sprays some into his mouth]
Penn: just clears the sinuses!
[seeing Captains Linda Gilder and David Trilling having sex in a train compartment]
Travis Dane: Well, here you are. The last place anyone would expect to find you. Amazing.
Travis Dane: [after he makes Grazer One blow up a plane] Boom. Earthquake in midair.
Casey Ryback: That's what I hear. Mostly from you. But that's what I hear.
[about Travis Dane]
Gen. Cooper: He's a brilliant guy, he can do virtually anything he puts his mind to, but he's a crazy son of a bitch...
Admiral Bates: Why would you people hire a goddamn maniac-?
Tom Breaker: [impatiently] Because, Admiral, sane people do not build weapons like this.
Admiral Bates: You know, Mr. Breaker... you'd think we'd learn something from that.
Casey Ryback: What am I doing? Oh, I'm making a bomb.
Casey Ryback: You think this is being shot? This ain't being shot.
[about the particle-beam weapon]
Admiral Bates: Are you telling me this goddamn thing is working now?
Tom Breaker: In fact, Admiral, it works so effectively that if we were to target the Los Angeles fault lines, in fifteen seconds... Arizona would be beachfront property.
[last lines]
Travis Dane: Ryback
[Casey and Bobby look to see Dane dangling on fire from the helicopter]
Travis Dane: RYBACK
[with a sneer, Casey slams the door on Dane's hands severing his fingers]
Travis Dane: RY... BACK
[plunges into a fireball far below]
Casey Ryback: Is this your lunch?
[first lines]
Gen. Cooper: Tom, thanks for coming.
Casey Ryback: [over radio] Penn?
Penn: Ryback.
Casey Ryback: I'm coming to get my niece now.
Penn: Come and get her.
[after warning of his impending strike on the Pentagon]
Travis Dane: Oh, I want you to remember something: I was smarter than all of you before I worked there. I was smarter than all of you while I worked there. And I'm still smarter than all of you. Au revoir.
[last lines]
Casey Ryback: Ah, this is Casey Ryback, the hostages are safe.

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