A hard-working small business owner and his two associates travel to Europe to close the most important deal of their lives. But what began as a routine business trip goes off the rails in every way imaginable - and unimaginable.

Mike Pancake: I've never been on a business trip before. I'm pretty jacked. What do you guys do on them?
Dan Trunkman: Can you not say your whole name today because the client can lose focus?...
Mike Pancake: I'm Mike Pancake.
Jim Spinch: What was your last name?
Mike Pancake: Pancake
Jim Spinch: Like breakfast?
Mike Pancake: It's Greek.
Jim Spinch: It's delicious.
Bill Whilmsley: Yum.
Dan Trunkman: Hey, honey!
Susan Trunkman: I miss you! My right hand's making little circles...
Dan Trunkman: Speakerphone! That's what you're on.
Timothy McWinters: Hi, Susan
Susan Trunkman: Hi!
Mike Pancake: I like to make circles too, on my bike.
Dan Trunkman: The first rule is, show the client a good time. The second rule, forget all the other rules.
Bill Whilmsley: Dan, this is Chuck Portnoy, who you know, don't you?
Chuck Portnoy: Those pants are so tight. Is that a crease?
Dan Trunkman: No, I don't have a crease. Thank you!
Chuck Portnoy: Slit?
Dan Trunkman: No
Chuck Portnoy: There's a space.
Dan Trunkman: There is no space.
Chuck Portnoy: There's actually space. It's alarming.
Dan Trunkman: I just landed a huge deal for you and then you tell me that I'm going to take 5% less this year?
Chuck Portnoy: You are replaceable.
Dan Trunkman: You say that kind of stuff a lot and that's why Brian Peters wrote, 'you're a jackass' on your parking spot.
Brian Peters: What the hell, Dan?...
Dan Trunkman: That was one year ago. The next day I started my own company. I only have two employees. One's too old and one's too young.
Dan Trunkman: You're telling me we're bankrupt?
Timothy McWinters: If we don't close this deal...
Timothy McWinters: If we close this deal, I want to make love to a woman, wheelbarrow position.
Mike Pancake: How is it a wheelbarrow?
Timothy McWinters: One person's legs is being held up...
Mike Pancake: Does that feel good?
Pretty German Girl: No
Mike Pancake: Maybe we should just try to do it normal. Maybe put me down when you get a chance...
Dan Trunkman: I'm losing confidence in the team.
Dan Trunkman: I'm next on the upgrade list... I would give you my seat but I've never been upgraded.
Soldier: That's all right.
Dan Trunkman: But I appreciate you. It is an honor to sit in front of you... Okay please, I'd like you to have this seat.
Dan Trunkman: Well you're the little guy taking on the big guy.
Chuck Portnoy: You're going to go up against me and Dynamic Systems?
Dan Trunkman: We're going to be hard to beat.
Dan Trunkman: The good news is that we landed a big deal and we're traveling to Germany to shake on it...
Chuck Portnoy: Hey, Dan
Dan Trunkman: You gotta be kidding me.

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