Private Luc Deveraux and his sadistic sergeant, Andrew Scott, got killed in Vietnam. The army uses their bodies for a secret project - reanimating dead soldiers as deadly obedient cyborgs. However, their memories come back too.

Scott: Say good night, asshole.
Luc: Good night, asshole.
Soldier: They swam a mile and a half in four minutes?
Colonel Perry: They're eight seconds behind schedule.
Luc: You're discharged... sarge.
Veronica: How can you be so damn calm? I mean, your buddies back there just shot enough ammo at us to destroy Eastern Europe, and you're sitting here bitching at me about a goddamned seat belt?
Scott: God damn it the whole fucking platoon's dropping like flies! What the hell are you staring it? Do you have any idea what it's like out there? Do you? Well I'm fighting this thing man, it's like kick ass, or kiss ass, and I'm busting heads! It's the only way to win this fucking war. And these shitheads, these yellow traitoring motherfuckers. They're everywhere. And I, Sergeant Andrew Scott of the US Army, I'm gonna teach 'em all.
Veronica: All right look. Do you have a family, a friend? Is there a Misses Fourty-Four waiting for you some place?
Scott: [while repeatedly ramming a badly beaten Luc's head into the side of a car] NOw I'm gonna teach you the chain of command private! When I say: "Jump!"; You say: "How high?" Got it? Got it? Take it and stick in your fucking head!
Scott: [while draggin Luc towards Veronica] I gave you an order soldier, now let me see you waste that gook traitor... Now where are we gonna shoot her? In the stomach? Naa... In the chest? Noooo... I think we should shoot her... in the head!
[Scott points his gun at Veronicas' head and pulls the trigger]
Scott: It's empty.
[with a big grin]
Scott: It's empty!
Luc: [asking Veronica to help him look on his naked body for a tracer] Look for something hard.
Luc: [looking down] Is that supposed to be there?
Veronica: Yes, yes it's very normal.
Luc: I just want to go home.
Scott: [after he shot the prison bus driver that was driving Luc and Veronica] Excuse me! You should check out your driver! He don't look so hot! Hahaha
Scott: You can't run from this war soldier! Not under my command. You're growing weak. You should have taken your... medication.
Scott: You're dead soldier...
Luc: No... I'm alive.
Veronica: You know, why don't you...
[shocked to see Luc]
Veronica: What are you doing?
Luc: It's not safe for you out here.
Veronica: Where're your clothes?
Luc: I have to... I have to cool down.
Hank the Cook: Hey, punk, I been slavin' all day makin' that slop.
Luc: The food is good
Hank the Cook: Fuckin' A it is. The question is. how are you going to pay for it?
Luc: I don't know.
Hank the Cook: You don't know. Ain't that cute. I'm gonna bust your head, punk.
Luc: I don't want to hurt you.
Veronica: Oh man, I'd kill for a cigarette right now
Luc: You'd kill someone for a cigarette?
Veronica: No. It's an expression, a figure of speech. I wouldn't exactly kill someone for a cigarette. I'd hurt them real bad at this point, but I won't kill 'em.
Veronica: I figured you had to be French or something because of your accent.
Luc: What accent?
Woodward: Colonel Perry. We killed an innocent man.
Colonel Perry: What do you suggest we do, Woodward? Let that reporter run off with one of our UniSols?
Woodward: We can't just cover this up. We have a moral obligation to tell the truth about this.
Colonel Perry: I thought you were more clever than that, Woodward. This whole goddamn program is off the shelf. Do you really think for one second those wimps at the Pentagon... would allow the regeneration of dead soldiers, American soldiers?
Scott: [after he shot four police officers in the super market with ease] See! They're every where!
Soldier 1: Sir, how do we write this one up? I mean, what do we say happened here?
soldier 2: Nothin'. Nothin' happened here at all. MIA. We didn't find anyone. d'you understand me?
Scott: They're all traitors!
Luc: Sarge, you want me? I am here. Let the girl go!
Scott: Don't tell me what to do soldier! I give the orders around here, and you're gonna have to learn that! She's a fucking gook traitor! I gave you an order to kill her, and now you must fulfill that order private!
Luc: Sarge. The war is over.
Scott: Not for me! Not for her! And not for YOU!
[they begin fighting]
Scott: Are we having fun yet?

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