With stolen top-secret technology, terrorists have created a next-generation Universal Soldier - an elite fighter genetically altered into a programmable killing machine. With this "UniSol"... See full summary¬†¬Ľ

Dr. Sandra Flemming: You can't reverse years of hormonal therapy in a day. It's like - rehabilitating a fight dog, then putting it back to fight. This could backfire in a myriad of ways!
Dr. Porter: Rehabilitation was never part of his design. And as you can see, he's at odds with his nature. He was created to serve a need, and he's not doing that.
Dr. Sandra Flemming: But now you're just compounding the situation!
Dr. Porter: Dr. Fleming, you have to ask yourself whether a dog, once it has tasted blood, can ever forget that taste.
[Devereaux finds the President's children cornered by Scott]
Andrew Scott: Keep asking them questions, just... trying to get some... an answer. Nothing. Just a simple yes or no. It's ridiculous... I knew I had something to tell you. It was - it was right there, on the tip of my tongue. Shit. I'm sure I'll remember it, just... just wait right there. Something so familiar. Can't explain it. You know exactly what I'm talking about, right? You understand. You don't have to answer. We're good like that, right?
[Turns to face Luc]
Andrew Scott: We've been over this all before.
Andrew Scott: I'm just gonna do something here...
[Scott moves to kill the children and Luc attacks]
Dr. Porter: I'm gonna give you something that will help with your recovery. I'm gonna make you feel better, Luc. Gonna make you whole again.
[Mortally wounded by the approaching NGU]
General Boris: Look. Is he coming?
[Kills himself with a grenade, catching the NGU in the blast]
Captain Kevin Burke: It's all yours, boys.
[the UniSols move in to battle the NGU]
Captain Kevin Burke: [Shakes his head] Don't fuck it up.
[Last lines]
Luc Deveraux: Come with me.
Dr. Colin: [after Scott kills Commander Topov] Okay. Very good. That's a good boy. We have to go now. You have to finish your job. Then we'll go.
[Scott doesn't respond]
Dr. Colin: Hmm? The children.
Andrew Scott: [Staring at his reflection in a blood-stained mirror] Can I ask you a question?
Dr. Colin: [laughs coldly] No, you cannot.
Andrew Scott: You often contemplate... the complexity of life?
Dr. Colin: [laughs] Hey, it's not for you to ask questions, understand?
[Scott stands up and turns to face Colin, who looks slightly worried]
Dr. Colin: Andrew...
Andrew Scott: Yes or no?
Dr. Colin: Andrew, you're, uh - you're tired. You've been through a lot today.
Andrew Scott: Are you a punctual and reliable person?
Dr. Colin: [Nervously] I don't like your tone.
Dr. Colin: Sit!
Andrew Scott: [Doesn't move] You answer my question.
Dr. Colin: I'm not gonna - how - how do you feel? Do - do you feel warm? Do you need me to cool you off, hmm? Answer me, answer my question.
Andrew Scott: [Advancing on Colin] You answer my question.
Dr. Colin: I'm not gonna an- Andrew, I want you to sit down. I need to help - to cool you off now, please. Sit down. I order you to sit!
[Scott grabs Colin by the throat]
Dr. Colin: [Gasps] Stop it! You have to- you have to...
Andrew Scott: You know how to put every minute of your time to good purpose?
Dr. Colin: [Struggling to breathe]
Andrew Scott: Are you rested? Are you happy?
[Grabs Colin's head with both hands]
Dr. Colin: Stop. Stop. No!
Andrew Scott: [Voice rising] Yes or no?
[Begins squeezing Colin's head]
Andrew Scott: You often think about HUMANKIND, and its DESTINY? Yes or NO? WHO AM I?

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