An ambitious young woman, determined to build a career in TV journalism, gets good advice from her first boss, and they fall in love.

Tally Atwater: Do you want to be with me?
Warren Justice: So much it hurts.
Tally: When I asked you how long you could stay and you said, 'Long enough,' how long is that? When we're not together...
Warren: ...Everything shuts down.
[Tally proposes marriage to Warren]
Tally Atwater: I want you around in the morning.
Warren Justice: You already have me around in the morning. How, I don't know, but you do.
Tally Atwater: I want to know you're legally required to be there.
Tally Atwater: What we in the news business can never forget is that we are only as good as the stories we tell.
[after sex]
Tally: Why didn't we do this before?
Warren: Because it was always gonna be this hard to stop.
Tally Atwater: He's so stupid!
Warren Justice: He's an anchorman.
Tally: Why don't you come with me?
Warren: I've already been where you're going.
[Warren's advice about news headlines]
Warren Justice: "If it bleeds, it leads."
Rob Sullivan: Some people in this business get jaded because it's always the same awful stories. And it is the same stories - but they're happening to different people.
Tally Atwater: I'm Sally, and I'm going to be a star.
Warren Justice: Every day we have is one more than we deserve.
Bucky Terranova: Your voice is full of money.
Warren Justice: She eats the lens.
Tally: I'm exactly the way you made me: do it this way, do it that way, do it MY way - until I don't even know how to do it without you.

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