A mother brings her teenage son to Sarajevo, where his father died in the Bosnian conflict years ago.

Diego: The weirdest love stories are always the best.
Gojco: Call me, Gemma. Any time. I sleep sitting up. Because if I'm lying down, I can feel my heart in my eyes. It was easier to run through the grenades than walking on ruins.
Gojco: Love only comes once. It moves like the sea. But it's always the same.
Psicologa: What does the truth taste like?
Gemma: Aweful. Bitter.
Diego: Life speaks through light.
Doctor: I'm afraid that your eggs are incompatible with life. Your sterility factor is rated at 97%. We consider that total sterility.
Diego: What about the 3%.
Doctor: Miracles. Miracles do happen. This is Italy after all.
Diego: Are you ready?
Aska: Yes. Ready to live.
Doctor: Her... orifices will heal slowly. It will take some time. I am ashamed to belong to the human race. God will not forgive us. Not even the children.
Armando: He fell from a cliff into the sea.
Gemma: There's no sea in Sarajevo.
Sebina: What is the most beautiful word for you?
Pietro: For me?
Sebina: Yeah.
Pietro: Tennis. And for you?
Sebina: Freedom.
Armando: Diego, You're a photographer?
Diego: Yeah. Yeah I'm a photographer.
Armando: Eh... you work in weddings, advertising?
Diego: Puddles, mostly.
Gojco: Allow me to introduce myself, young lady. I'm your brother, Gojco. And I will also be your father in the memory of our recently departed dad.
Gojco: Let's go make love once before we die.
Gemma: We're not going to die, Gojco.
Gojco: This baby's going to stink of nicotine and Sarajevo.
Diego: [presenting a bouquet] You can't get real flowers anymore. So the florist in Markale started making paper ones.
Gojco: Mom had gone up to the roof to hang the laundry. It was a sunny day; the sirens sounded. Sebina went down to the basement with the others. It must have been some sixth sense. They went looking for each other at exactly the same time. My mother left the roof and start down the stairs, just as Sebina was coming up to find her. And the blast hit them both, right as they found each other. The womb and its fruit.
Diego: [on phone] Hey. How are you? Are you OK? What do you need?
Gojco: [on the other end] A case of Brunello di Montalcino.
Gemma: Gojco, senti, how are you? How is Sebina?
Gojco: Ah, Sebina is fine. She is always jumping all over the place.
Gemma: Listen, put her on a plane, send her to us.
Gojco: No, no, relax. There is no war here. No one will ever touch Sarajevo.
Gemma: What does the Quran say? You can rent your belly to another woman?
Aska: The Quran says to help other people. And I'm happy to help a woman who's defective.
Diego: [to Gemma] You're a mother now. A temple. And I'm a monk who kneels before you.
Gojco: [strokes her hair] Nice woman.
Gemma: [blushes] Let me be, I'm old.
Gojco: You'll never be old Gemma. Time only brings out your beauty.
[last lines]
Pietro: [waves from the upper deck of a boat to Gemma who is standing on the lower deck] Mama.
[first lines]
Gemma: [on phone] Hello?
Gojco: [on the other end] May I speak with Gemma?
Gemma: This is Gemma.
Gojco: Gemma? Gemma, is that really you?
Gemma: Gojco?
Gojco: Yes, Gemma. It's me
Gemma: My Gojco?
Gojco: Your Gojco.
Gojco: How can anyone be afraid of an ass like him?
Diego: It's the assholes you have to be afraid of.
Diego: The chickens are all dead.

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