When Holly's father is transferred to Japan, she is sent to live with Valerie, her big sister, in New York City, and turns Valerie's life upside-down.

Val: Son of a bitch fireman.
[repeated line]
Gary: Oh my Damn!
Tina Haven: [Holly and Vince are making out outside] C'mon! C'mon! C'mon!
Holly: What?
Tina Haven: There's going to be a chick fight!
Holly: Just wait
[turns to Vince]
Holly: Love you. Bye.
Tina Haven: You can kiss in a dream and it doesn't mean anything. You can have sex in a dream and it doesn't mean anything. You know, you can have sex in real life and it still wouldn't mean anything. Remember that for the future.
Tina Haven: Sometimes friends do really stupid things.
Holly: Especially if they're bummed because they just got broken up with and are vulnerable, and not thinking straight, and are maybe just a little bit slutty.
Tina Haven: Oh you know me so well.
Val: What about me?
Holly: [hugs Val] Oh, you're slutty too.
Holly: Yes! Hi. That's my skateboard, and...
Kid: No, it isn't. I found it on my balcony.
Holly: Yeah. Because I dropped it off the roof. Where do you think it came from?
Kid: God.
Gary: Hey man. I thought you said holly already sewed that on for you.
Vince: She did. But she's in a hurry to make out all the time. Her workmanship suffers!
Holly: What?
Val: Your shirt.
Holly: What about it?
Val: You need one!
Holly: It's the style, it's supposed to be this way
Val: How about you start a new trend. Throw a big sweater over that and call it the 'I'm not naked' look!
Vince: well... does his stuff cost more than... free?
Gary: Dude, don't worry about it. I set him up last week with two "Young and Tenders". Man, he owes me, just to say that.
Vince: Thanks, bro. Hey dude, I have a question.
Gary: Mmm-Hmmm.
Vince: What are "Young Antenneas"?
Gary: No, "Young and Tenders" Young and Tenders. The hell is a "Young Antenneas" Why would I say "Young Antenneas?" Crazy white boy. I don't get it.
Holly: I had a fight with Ben!
Vince: Dump him.
Holly: What?
Vince: I said go make up with him, what did you hear? GOD!
Lauren: I wrote the note!
Val: Rick didn't write the note?
Lauren: Ok. How many times do I have to say it? Rick didn't leave his wife. I wrote the note saying that he did.
Val: You wrote the note?
Lauren: Are you a blockhead? I wrote the note! Rick didn't leave his wife and I'm seeing him later.
Val: You're what?
Lauren: I'm seeing him later! Do you think it's you hearing, maybe?
Val: What the hell is that?
Lauren: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something eww!
Holly: If anything goes wrong... blame the red-headed kid
Val: Why?
Holly: Look at him, he's guilty of something
Lauren: I've been watching you from across the street. I've been too shy to come in and talk to you face-to-face so I could only write my feelings. Oh, Lauren, how your glissening thighs and firm buttocks make me quiver.
Gary: [Val gives Gary a look. Gary pulls her over to the side] I thought your letter need a little embellishment.
Lauren: Ahem. Your bosoms are like two ripe canteloupes, Lauren, ready to be devoured. Oh, my God! I think I found my soulmate!
Holly: What happened to my overprotective, in-my-face sister who wouldn't let me play Ms. Pac-Man because she thought that she made "bad choices"?
Holly: Went to college party, didn't drink, got stuck with a guy in the bathroom, nothing happened, Gary's pants, night.
Val: Hold on. College party?
Holly: Didn't drink.
Val: Guy in bathroom?
Holly: Nothing happened.
Val: Who's pants?
Holly: Gary's.
Val: We'll talk more in the morning.
Gary: [talking about Holly] Wow, how could a little girl be full of crap?
Lauren: Oh no. They've gone behind the paper thin curtain of silence.
[after Val just kissed a guy Holly liked]
Holly: You don't understand I'm devastated!
Val: I know and yes I understand...
Holly: Devastated!
Gary: What did you eat?
Holly: I think it must have been the soup
Gary: Was it cream of IBop?
Holly: Alright, yes, it came, I love it and it's mine!
Gary: But you said I could have it
Holly: Well that was before I fell in love with it, and I love it Gary. I love it like a little tiny child!
Gary: [Gary is on crutches] My work here is done.
Val: Actually you still have to mop the floors.
Gary: I'm crippled you're cruel.
Gary: I never told anyone that you wrote a fan letter to Celine Dion!
Vince: [shouts] Hey, Celine Dion is excellent and you told everyone!
Holly: No, just you telling the Son of a Bitch fireman that he was "hot, hot, hot".
Vince: Well isn't that nice of Gary, helping my ex-girlfriend's boyfriend. What a good guy!
[punches Gary]
Vic: Hey Charlie.
Charlie: Why doesn't Val love me? I mean, okay, I'm not her brother. But I have other things to offer. Children with one head.
Vic: [phone rings] Oh wait. Hold your pain.
Tina Haven: [clapping] Oh! Oh! There she is! There she is!
Lauren: Ok, we are going have to get a surprise party by tonight.
Tina Haven: Yes, yes. Here is some money. God, I just love you!
Holly: Tina, Shut Up! We are not helping her. I'm telling Val.
Lauren: No, no, no wait. Holly, do you think I really want to be seeing a married man? No!.
Holly: Then stop it!
Ben Sheffield: [Val just found a jewelry box in a cookie jar] No! No! No! No! Sorry but i wouldn't want to miss the look on my fiance's face the first time she saw the ring.
Val: Ben's right.
Lauren: Yeah, Ben's foriegn. Open that mother!
Tina Haven: [Lauren holds up a pinata shaped like a rocket ship] Oh. Let's get Val this one. You know what it looks like?
Holly: It's a rocket ship you dirty bird.
Val: [She see's Lauren crying on the bed and points at her] Wah! Wah! Wah!
Todd: Okay, I think my work here is done.
Val: Oh thank god.
Todd: You can call me Todd.
Val: Eww.
Lauren: I'm in love with him.
Val: Yeah, well you have to get out of love with him, woman.
Val: You are beautiful, and charming, and funny
Lauren: And...?
Val: Thin.
Gary: Either you've got a lobster problem or that's one freaky cockroach
Holly: I have to call Val. I mean this is big and I'm only nineteen!
[after chasing Holly into the mens room]
Val: Oh, this is so not the place for open-toed shoes
Lauren: Unless you want to disappoint your sister on her birthday. She did raise you.
Holly: What's more important than doing it in front of everyone she loves... and Tina.
Gary: You know what? Your hair is so "Footloose"!
Vince: You did not just drag Kevin Bacon into this!
Gary: Yes I did, buddy. And the gloves are coming off my friend.
Vince: Oh, so is the ugly-ass suit.
Gary: Well, you may wanna reconsider! Being that it matches your ugly ass!
Holly: [Gary's talking to Vince and Tina] Hey! Hey! Hey! Vic has something to give to Val. SO SHUT YOUR MOUTH!
[turns to Vic]
Holly: Go ahead Vic
Val: Hey don't you have to go take a shower pushy biotch?
Holly: Yes and I need money for school books, wussy biotch.
Holly: You promised me that you weren't going to see him.
Lauren: No I promised you that I wasn't going to see him tonight.
Tina Haven: And is it tonight? No. It's today. Brava.
[starts clapping]
Holly: Tina, hug me!
Tina Haven: I'm not really a "huggy" person.
Holly: You've hugged me before!
Tina Haven: Now it feels forced.
[Holly places Tina's hands around her and they both hug]
Val: Me never wants to "we" with you again!
Holly: [Vince kisses her on the cheek] Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! That's it? I sew a botton on for you and that's all I get? Make out with me damn it!
[after Holly and Val have given her their old bear]
Josy: He smells funny... I'm gonna name him Stinky Bear!
Holly: Who am I kidding? My dad's gonna love you. Even if your pants have holes and... cheese?
Vince: Crap! I'm wearing my cheese pants!
Holly: Why are you doing this? I don't go to Chucky Cheese and ruin your dates!
Val: We don't have to resort to using our bodies to get ahead
Lauren: Wake up Bambi! This is how things work in the forest.
Val: Not in my forest... and don't make that dirty.
Lauren: Uh oh! Me thinks me went too far.
Val: What about this one? 'The Bazooka'. Tell me about 'The Bazooka'!
Holly: Excellent choice! I used that once in 9th Grade on Lisa Gurt. They say on quiet days you can still hear her crying!
Holly: What do you think Lauren needed the afternoon for?
Tina Haven: Do you think?
Holly: That's exactly what I'm thinking.
Tina Haven: Lauren's the dirty bird.
Lauren: [everyone else is hugging around her] Come here you!
[grabs the cake and starts eating it]
Val: And you're still making time with him?
Lauren: Making time? Yeah, see, yeah doll, we went to see the Andrews Sisters and we made some time!
Val: [practices her expression in front of a mirror just because she thinks she's getting set up for a surprise party] A sonic plaque remover and a white jean jacket? Guys, I'm gonna cry. Yeah, that'll work.
Lauren: Is she still mad?
Holly: No.
Holly: Oh, I meant "yes".
Vince: Pretty moving stuff.
Gary: Yeah, makes you think.
Vince, Gary: [both turn to each other] I'm sorry!
[hugs each other]
Holly: There is no surprise party. That liar is totally going to be with rick.
Tina Haven: Okay, Lauren is a genius! She turns the whole thing around and pulls a surprise party right out of her ass.
Holly: If only she could pull morals out of her ass!
Gary: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen?
Vince: I don't think that's three names - or legal.
Gary: Not for another 248 days.
Vic: So, Val, I want to ask you in front of all the people that you love... and Tina. Val, will you already be married to me?

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